July 18, 2022 12.10 pm This story is over 23 months old

Lincolnshire’s Chief Constable pledges support for Police Covenant

It focuses on health, wellbeing and physical protection

Chief Constable Chris Haward has pledged his support to the Police Covenant which was recently enshrined in law as one of the new measures of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act.

All 43 forces have backed the Covenant, which focuses on the health, wellbeing and physical protection of officers and staff, whether in a paid or voluntary capacity, as well as support for their families.

CC Haward, alongside his counterparts across the country, has stressed the importance of wellbeing in the face of the challenges officers, staff and volunteers confront every day.

He said: “This is a vitally important commitment to the care and wellbeing of our officers, staff and volunteers who do so much to keep everyone else safe, often at the expense of their own safety and health.

“I see every day the numbers who have been assaulted during their duty, fallen ill because of the trauma they have witnessed and are struggling with the relentless pressure of policing.

“We must look after our amazing people who put themselves on the line so others can live their lives safely.

“The covenant is a clear commitment to do this.”

National Police Chiefs’ Council Chair, Martin Hewitt said: “Chief Constables have pledged their support to the principles set out in the Police Covenant, which will ensure those in policing and their families receive the protection and support they deserve.

“The Covenant is already starting to deliver on improving the physical protection and welfare of our police officers and staff who work so hard to keep us safe.

“We will now also be looking at the needs of families and leavers and will be listening to their voices as part of this work.

“It is poignant that today the annual police bravery awards take place where we see first-hand the incredible dedication and courage of our finest people.

“The Covenant will strive to recognise the contribution of everyone who works in policing and provide them with a voice to influence the type of support they need now and into the future.”

College of Policing CEO, Chief Constable Andy Marsh said: “The Police Covenant is welcome formal recognition of the vitally important role those in policing fulfil to help make our communities safer.

“On a daily basis police officers and staff are exposed to distressing events which we know has a considerable effect on their mental health and wellbeing.
“I’m proud the College of Policing’s National Police Wellbeing Service, Oscar Kilo, will deliver many of the products offered through the Police Covenant.

“Policing is a challenging but immensely rewarding career and we must look after our people, so they are best able to look after the public.

“The products and services we’ll offer will be tangible, evidence-based and proven to improve the physical and mental health of those working in policing.

“Oscar Kilo and the National Police Wellbeing Service already provides significant resources for officers and staff, and we will continue to identify the best ways for the College to support those working to keep our communities safe every day.”