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Anniversary tour bringing The Coral to Lincoln for intimate show

One of Britain’s most popular 00s rock bands

British rock band The Coral will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut album by performing an intimate acoustic show at Lincoln’s New Theatre Royal this September.

The Coral, formed on Merseyside in the late 1990s, first emerged during the early 00s with a series of catchy indie-rock anthems that earned them a devoted and large fanbase.

Their debut album, the 2002 self-titled record The Coral, was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and boasted smash hit tracks such as Goodbye and Dreaming of You.

To mark the 20th anniversary of this seminal album, The Coral will be hitting the road for eight intimate shows – one of which will be at New Theatre Royal Lincoln on Saturday, September 24.

The evening will see singer/songwriter James Skelly and keyboardist Nick Power share the story behind creating their breakthrough project, as well as performing a selection of acoustic versions of tracks.

The special boxed book detailing the story of The Coral will be available at the venue.

There will also be a chance for audience question and answer sessions, while fans can get their hands on a signed boxed book that tells the full story of their journey to the summit of British indie rock music in the early 2000s.

Tickets are available from £26 and can either be bought from the New Theatre Royal website, or via the Box Office on 015222 519999.

The Coral became a huge success story following the release of their 2002 debut album. | Photo: Kevin Power

Nick Power recalls the band’s rise after the release of The Coral album: “I can’t remember one review for the album. There was a buzz, definitely. I think it was like The Strokes were out and The White Stripes were out, and they wanted an English answer to it.

“I remember reading one review and it said ‘this is an amazing journey’ or something. We were all sitting on James’ nan’s step, smoking rollies or something, and that was the photo of us.

“And then it blew up and I guess we wondered how it had all happened. But also, I kind of did expect it in a way. I wasn’t surprised by it. I think it was the whole scene that happened. All the timing coincided and everything was simpatico for a while. All the planets aligned for it.”