August 12, 2022 7.30 pm This story is over 22 months old

Call for park in Grantham estate where kids have to cross busy road

This is a ‘golden opportunity’ to create one nearby

A councillor has called for a Grantham estate to get a park which will stop children from having to cross a busy main road.

Councillor Ian Selby says the Harrowby ward hasn’t had its “fair share of funding” in the past, and wants to see more investment.

Top of his wish list is a play park for children in the Poet’s Corner estate.

He says that the only nearby play park forces the estate’s kids to cross the busy Harrowby Lane.

“Safety is paramount for our children and they should have a safe place they can grow up and enjoy their young lives just as many other children have the opportunity,” Councillor Selby, an unaligned Independent member, said.

“Around the Poet’s Corner estate and the neighbouring ward, unfortunately the children have to cross a very busy road to a very small play area that doesn’t meet the needs of the older children’s age group.”

Councillor Selby believes he has the perfect spot for a park | Photo: LDRS/The Lincolnite

He would like to see play equipment installed at the council-owned land off Rossetti Close, which is currently an open park.

He recently urged for South Kesteven’s less affluent areas to get their fair share of government funding.

The council has recently been allocated £3.9million from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, which will be used to improve communities around the district.

“All I have been asking for since well before the pandemic is the same provision that other areas have,” Councillor Selby said.

“The council have a golden opportunity regarding the availability of land to provide much needed recreational facilities, not just for children but also for adults to enjoy and that will go a long way to helping both the physical and mental wellbeing for hundreds of people that live in that area.

“I am only asking for some fairness with the distribution of funding to an area that has not had its fair share of funding.”

The Sunningdale park in Grantham which is well-equipped, but too far for children in Harrowby | Photo: LDRS/The Lincolnite

Mum-of-six Deborah Dove, 44, who lives on the Poet’s Corner estate, said a nearby park would help to build community.

“Children need somewhere they can feel safe and play. My kids tend to stay at home because there’s nowhere to go,” she said.

“Older children still need their parents’ help to cross the road to the Harrowby Lane park, and ring them when they need to come back, because it’s so busy.

“Teenagers sometimes travel out of the area to the Sunningdale park, where they’re away from their local community and people who can look out for them.

“If we had a nearby park, you would get to know your neighbours and make sure all of the children are safe.”

A spokesperson for South Kesteven District Council: “South Kesteven District Council has submitted its investment plan for almost £3.9m of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund to the Government for approval.

“We are awaiting endorsement of those plans so that we can begin to identify specific projects within those themes, with a wide range of investment set to be considered according to the criteria.

“The process for submissions to the fund is yet to be determined. We anticipate this will involve a set process, to include discussion and endorsement at a dedicated committee before any final decisions are taken. In addition to evidence of local need, decision making may be influenced by the potential for any future recurring costs to the council.

“In response to reference at Full Council to Harrowby Ward, it was stated in the meeting that it is important to ensure the fund benefits the whole of the district. The meeting heard how deprivation exists in all corners of the district, including rural areas.”