August 9, 2022 5.00 pm This story is over 22 months old

Lincoln water leak finally stops running after years

It had left piles of algae covering the pavement

A long-running water leak which turned a pavement into a swamp has finally been plugged.

Water had been running down Bathurst Street in Lincoln for at least the past two years.

Residents were forced to walk off the pavement on Monks Road to avoid large amounts of algae and slime which had built up – but are now celebrating being able to use it again.

Anglian Water said that the leak was due to a naturally-occurring spring, rather than a burst pipe, which now appears to have been plugged.

The water spring had been causing problems for at least two years | Photo: The Lincolnite/LDRS

Natasha Chapman, who lives nearby, has rung Anglian Water monthly since March to try and get something done about it.

“It was awful, there was so much algae that you had to step into the road to walk around it – and that’s not a good idea on Monks Road,” she said.

“At one point it got really bad. It wasn’t easy to avoid. We were worrying about what was going to happen in winter when it froze.

“I began calling Anglian Water when I moved into the area in March, and I was going back and forth with them at least once a month to find out what was happening.

“We were told that it was a natural underground spring and nothing could be done about it.

“But then more work started about two or three weeks ago on the leak and it seems to have been sorted now. It’s great to be able to walk down the road safely again.”

Anglian Water previously said that they were aware of the running water.

“This is a spring that has been there many years and Lincolnshire highways are aware of it. Our teams have surveyed this many times and there is no indication of a water leak,” a spokesperson said at the time.

They have been contacted about the reason being it stopping.

Lincolnshire County Council also said that underground springs occurred all along the Monks Road/Arboretum hill, and they had plans to manage the flow of water to prevent any safety issues.