August 18, 2022 4.19 pm This story is over 22 months old

Louth pub ‘keeping residents up at 1am’ gets rooftop terrace

One resident heard music “as clear as day” in her flat

Residents who have been kept awake by noise from a pub say that they fear problems will get worse after it was granted a roof terrace licence.

The Turk’s Head in Louth frequently plays loud music into the early hours, a committee heard.

The Aswell Street pub can now open a first floor function room and a rooftop terrace.

Objectors claim the venue had a history of noise complaints, but the team behind it say that these allegations have never been proven.

Lindsey, who lives close to the Turk’s Head, told East Lindsey District Council’s licensing committee that the late night din was already seriously impacting her life.

“I have had to put up with noise every weekend since last August. I’ve never complained before because I didn’t known how to,” she said.

“Last Friday, I could hear the music as plain as day at 1am. I could have sung along – it was that loud in my flat.

“It has been disturbing my sleep, my weekends and my mental health. I fear it is just going to get worse.”

The committee was shown a video of people outside the pub at 2am | Photo: East Lindsey District Council

The committee also heard that resident Darren had previously enjoyed working 6am shifts on a Sunday to earn extra money – now he is unable as he can’t sleep on Saturday nights until the Turk’s Head closes.

A video was played of noisy revellers outside the pub in the early hours of the morning.

Michael Kheng, who was representing other objectors to the licence change, said: “It is inevitable there will be a disco in the function room if it is open until 4am. The windows are single-glazed and can be opened.

“Noise is already leaking out causing a nuisance. Six residents have made complaints and two more plan to. The number will only grow if the application is granted.”

Caroline Currie, the council’s senior environmental health officer, said there was a risk that “noise would carry for a large area” from the rooftop terrace.

She agreed with the change of closing time from 11pm to 10pm to mitigate this.

Mr Hilden, who was representing the operators of the Turk’s Head, said that the council had never contacted them about the noise complaints.

He claimed the operators’ “record is clean”, and they had “no cautions, warnings or reviews” of their licence to date.

He suggested the noise was coming from other nearby venues who were “renowned for loud music”, and that some of the complaints were “vexatious”.

Only background music will be allowed on the terrace, and windows on the first floor must be kept closed.

Both parties will have 21 days to appeal.