September 6, 2022 12.02 pm This story is over 13 months old

Cleethorpes school driving crackdown splits opinion

Some agree with the measure, others think it’s a hindrance

A Cleethorpes school has tackled dangerous parking outside the gates by installing cameras, after reports of children nearly being hit by cars, but not every parent seems on board with the idea.

Signhills Academy in Cleethorpes has installed the cameras to deter drivers from parking illegally during pick-up and drop-off of their children at the school.

It is an issue that is felt across the county in various different schools, and this move from Signhills has prompted a debate on whether this is the right move to prevent dangerous parking.

Some say that it has already made a difference and there is a marked improvement in the safety of the area, but other parents argue they are not blocking any entrances or causing harm by parking at the side of the road.

Steve Carr, headteacher at Signhills Academy, said: “It keeps that area outside the school gates, where the vast majority of children come in, absolutely clear which is obviously much safer for children and families.”

The cameras are only a temporary measure, however, and they will soon be moved to other schools across North East Lincolnshire that suffer similar issues.