September 27, 2022 8.53 am This story is over 14 months old

Lincoln couple loved featuring on BBC’s Bargain Hunt

“It was surreal watching it back,” James said

A Lincoln couple loved their time on BBC One’s Bargain hunt and said it was “surreal watching it back” when the episode aired last week.

James and Becky Frost first applied to be on the show when it appeared on the television in the canteen at James’ former place of work Branston Potatoes. The couple then filled out a 15-page application before attending interviews in Sheffield around two-and-a-half years ago.

The coronavirus lockdown delayed proceedings before they went to an Antiques Fair at Southwell Racecourse for filming as the show’s blue team in November last year.

Although the show is only 45 minutes long, it was filmed over two days. Further filming took place in December 2021 for the auction at Golding Young & Mawer (The Lincoln Auction Rooms) in North Hykeham, although the Lincoln couple had to participate in this part remotely from Retford.

The episode aired on September 23, 2022 and, as well as showing James and Becky at the racecourse, presenter Roo Irvine also visited the Usher Gallery in Lincoln to view some one-of-a-kind timepieces.

James and Becky with BBC TV Antiques expert Nick Hall (far left). | Screenshot: BBC One

James now works at Ryvita in Bardney as a multi-skilled operator and his wife Becky is a community outreach worker for the homeless.

He told The Lincolnite that on the show they were given £300 to buy three items – something feline related, one for a minimum of £75, and another with no set criteria.

They managed to barter for a small porcelain cat for £22 and also purchased a Victorian Ladies Companion box for around £90. They also picked up a green hand-carved stone teapot for £55, meaning they spent £167 in total.

The three items that were purchased by James and Becky on Bargain Hunt. | Screenshot: BBC One

James and Becky loved their time on the show. | Screenshot: BBC One

James, 47, said: “It was actually quite exciting. There was a lot of sitting, being patient and waiting, but we made friends with the other contestants (Beth and her mother-in-law Julie). The crew did a great job of helping us feel relaxed.

“We were quite nervous during filming and at one of the stalls we were looking at an item, decided to buy it and bartered the price down, but we had to stop to do reshoots, so it was quite long process. I really enjoyed it though.

“We have been in the audience on Judge Rinder before around three years ago, but have never done anything like this.

“It was surreal watching it back. We were surrounded by friends and all laughing. It was so fun to watch back, but it felt strange seeing ourselves on television.

“We also had no idea where the rest of the show (that we weren’t in) was going to be filmed, so it was great watching it to see they also went to Lincoln.”

Antiques experts Izzie Balmer (far left) and Nick Hall (far right) with contestants Beth and Julie (red team), and Lincoln’s James & Becky (blue team), with presenter Roo Irvine (centre). | Screenshot: BBC One

Nick Hall was assigned as the red team’s antiques expert to help guide them, but unfortunately James and Becky did not win. James said they finished on around -£41 compared to the blue team’s -£8.

Although they didn’t win James and Becky Frost from Lincoln had a great time in BBC’s Bargain Hunt. | Screenshot: BBC One

James added that he’d love to go on more television shows in the future, including Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel, as well as Blankety Blank as he loves presenter Bradley Walsh.