September 27, 2022 6.30 am This story is over 13 months old

Lincolnshire woman continues to work through difficult brain condition

Her condition affects speech and movement regularly

A Wethserspoons worker in Lincolnshire has said going to work makes her feel ‘normal’ while combatting a crippling neurological condition that attacks her movement and senses.

Zoe Coles, who works at The Raymond Mays in Bourne, has a condition called functional neurological disorder, which affects movement, senses and causes weakness and blackouts at times.

Zoe said her brain “doesn’t receive or send signals” which can make her working life very difficult, but she says going to work helps her “push through” and distracts her from the hardship of her condition.

Inside the bar there is a sign to let customers know of Zoe’s condition, thanking people for their patience as she battles through her sensory difficulties.

Zoe said she doesn’t know what the future holds, and is “scared” to look ahead at what her life may look like, as her condition continues to take a grip on her everyday existence.