September 13, 2022 6.00 am This story is over 21 months old

Scunthorpe fondly recalls Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to mosque

“We just felt proud”

Scunthorpe and North Lincolnshire are fondly remembering when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited a mosque in the town during the tension-filled months following the September 11 attacks.

It was 20 years ago, on July 31 2002, when Queen Elizabeth spoke to members of the Pakistan Social and Cultural Islamic Centre, and memories of that day are still strong.

Immi Juwaid, from the Islamic Centre Scunthorpe told BBC Look North: “Seven or eight months earlier 9/11 had happened and tensions were very high in North Lincolnshire.”

“There was a lot of backlash going and we felt very isolated and the Queen’s visit helped relations and we are forever in debt to her.”

Kass Jawaid’s grandad invited the Queen all that time ago and Kass said his grandad always counted the visit as being “one of his greatest achievements.”

The Queen’s arrival at the mosque prompted a very warm welcome from Scunthorpe locals. | Screenshot: BBC Look North/BBC News Hub

The Queen made history when she visited the Islamic Centre mosque in Scunthorpe. | Screenshot: BBC Look North/BBC News Hub

Immi Juwaid spoke to BBC Look North to say that the Queen’s visit improved relations in the town and that they are “forever in debt to her”. | Screenshot: BBC Look North/BBC News Hub

Kass Jawaid’s grandfather was responsible for inviting the Queen to Scunthorpe and was forever proud she had accepted. | Screenshot: BBC Look North/BBC News Hub

A history-defining moment that had a huge impact on the muslim community not just in North Lincolnshire but further afield. | Screenshot: BBC Look North/BBC News Hub

A photo forever capturing the jubilation of the Queen’s visit. | Screenshot: BBC Look North/BBC News Hub