January 24, 2023 9.39 am This story is over 10 months old

Pack of dogs ‘terrorise’ Sleaford residents and bite three

Some residents are afraid to leave their homes

A group of escaped dogs have been ‘terrorising’a Sleaford street, and have reportedly bitten three people. Some residents say they are afraid to leave their homes.

The dogs were caught on camera causing fear to residents on Beech Rise last weekend. Police tried to round up the canines, which are thought to be Belgian Shepherds. Local residents say the dogs have escaped on numerous occasions over the past few months.

Among those to be bitten were couple Sandra and Raimondas Latuskevcius. Raimondas told BBC Look North: “They started biting everything and running around. They grabbed my hand.”

Local resident Debbie Framingham said: “What are they going to do next? Is it going to be a child next? A time before, they chased an elderly gentleman on his mobility scooter, they chased a district nurse back into her car.

“I’ve been taking my daughter to school and picking her up, just in case they have got out and I haven’t seen it. Personally, I think the dogs need to be taken away from the owners.”

Police said that the dogs were later returned to their owner with help from the public. An investigation is underway and until it is complete no decision about the dogs’ future will be made.

BBC Look North added that a man at the property where it is believed the dogs are being kept declined a request for an interview and refused to confirm if he was the owner of the animals.

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