March 4, 2023 9.00 am This story is over 15 months old

Elderly Lincoln residents waiting nearly three years for new streetlight

The council say the pandemic caused delays

By Local Democracy Reporter

Residents of a street in Lincoln have been living in the dark for almost three years while waiting for a replacement street lamp.

Lincolnshire County Council officers removed a column from Thonock Close in May 2020 shortly after it was damaged by a van.

Some homeowners along the road have raised concerns ever since as a number of properties have been left in “pitch black” as a result.

They feel it is especially dangerous considering the elderly community living around the area.

John Dean, 80, has been in contact with the council regarding the matter for some time now, he said: “You pay your council tax and you expect maintenance of facilities like street lamps, but we’ve had nothing.

Thonock Close, Lincoln | Photo: James Turner

“We’re mainly geriatrics down here and the last thing we want is to fall tripping up on something we didn’t see.

“My main complaint is to do with the time it’s taken for the council to do anything about it and their seeming disinterest in it.”

In response to one of his emails, council workers did come and mark a yellow circle where a new lamp would be placed.

However, it has now faded away.

Council workers previously marked where a new lamp would go, but it has since faded away | Photo: James Turner

Charles Rawding, 76, echoed Mr Dean’s thoughts, adding: “If you drive down here at night, you can see it really is pitch black.”

A spokesperson from Lincolnshire County Council said: “The column was originally knocked down by a van during the height of the pandemic restrictions which affected our response at the time.

“It has been a truth across many sectors, including streetlight provision, that both since then we have had issues with resource and supply of parts and materials.

“However, we are pleased to be able to confirm that the work put in to secure a column to replace the one in question has delivered for local residents.

“We now have a works programme in place for a new column to be installed on March 31, unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather conditions aside.”

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