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Boston students ‘filming school fights for social media’

Some pupils are now scared to go school

Parents and pupils say there is a big problem with some students allegedly filming fights at a Boston school and sharing them online.

Some fights have been planned in advance using social media.

One pupil at Haven High Academy was left “scared” after receiving a threat that a gang would beat them up on the school field.

One parent, who wished to remain anonymous, told BBC Look North that she found out about a fight involving her child after being sent a video which had been shared online.

She claims her child is now scared to leave the house and said: “In the first place this should never happen in school and also it’s being shared on social media so other kids get the chance to mock and laugh at the children who are helpless to defend themselves.

“She’s being attacked, beaten and filmed, and then uploaded to social media for everyone to see.”

This is a message received by a pupil at Haven High Academy. | Screenshot: BBC Look North

Parents also said this is not a one-off problem, with one saying their child will not be going back to the school and they’re homeschooling while they are waiting for a place elsewhere.

In a statement a spokesperson for Haven High Academy said: “All staff at Haven High Academy are fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of every young person in our care.

“We take these reports very seriously, however it would not be appropriate to comment on specific reports here.

“We do not accept or condone aggressive behaviour and there are serious consequences for anyone found responsible for such activities.

“We understand that nationally social media is fuelling a rise in physical attacks in schools and we strongly encourage our parents and students to raise any concerns with us so we can take robust action.

“A recent Ofsted report praised the academy for its effective safeguarding arrangements, pastoral care and the good and respectful attitudes consistently demonstrated by many pupils.”

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