April 19, 2023 2.00 pm This story is over 14 months old

Lincolnshire woman hospitalised by ‘false widow spider bite’

Her finger also started to swell up

A Lincolnshire woman was hospitalised for what doctors believed to be a false widow spider bite to her finger.

Crystal Rudd, from Spalding, woke up at around 4am one morning and noticed pain when she touched her finger.

It became “really painful” so Crystal went to A&E and it was also starting to swell up, and she began documenting her journey on social media.

Crystal’s finger started to swell up after what doctors believe was a false widow spider bite. | Screenshot: BBC Look North

A false widow spider is said to not be aggressive, but is the ‘most dangerous biting spider in Britain’. However, experts say that worries about it are disproportionate, according to BBC Look North.

Crystal told reporters: “When I first had the bite and it was getting worse and it was swelling up my husband turned around and went ‘you’re going to lose your finger’ as a joke.

“Now, looking back at it I could have lost my finger, so it was a shock for the whole family.”

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