Jordan Lovett is among the family and friends taking part in a charity skydive next month in memory of the victims of the Tunisia terror attack in 2015, during which her sister was tragically killed.

Jordan will take part in memory of her sister Carly Lovett, a University of Lincoln graduate who was among a total of 30 British tourists killed on a beach in Tunisia when terrorists opened fire in the beach resort of Port El Kantaoui.

Carly, 24-year-old fashion blogger and photographer, as well as North Lincolnshire Council worker Claire Windass, lost their lives on that tragic day, which saw a total of 38 people sadly die.

Carly Lovett

Around 350 people attended Carly’s funeral in Gainsborough, with emotional tributes from family and friends. Her fiancé Liam Moore, who had been with Carly for 10-and-a-half years, gave an emotional tribute at the service held in All Saints’ Parish Church in July 2015.

Her sister Jordan will be taking part in a charity skydive, which will be held at Whitchurch Airfield in Shropshire at 8am on Saturday, July 3. Over £27,000 has already been raised – make a donation to the fundraiser here.

| Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite

The event will mark the sixth anniversary of the tragic events in Tunisia. It has been organised by Suzy Evans from Wednesdbury in aid of the Smile for Joel charity, which she set up in memory of her son Joel, 19, brother Adrian, 44, and father Patrick, 78, who were all killed that day. Smile for Joel was launched to help other families torn apart by murder and violence.

Patrick, Joel and Adrian sadly died in the attack in Tunisia in 2015.

The skydivers on the day will be a mix of family and friends of those lost in the Tunisia attack. Suzy and her younger son Owen Richards, who was just 16 at the time and survived the attack, will be taking part, alongside their cousin Claire Webb.

Suzy said: “I will be nervous on the day, but I am really excited for the event. It’s going to be the first time we have been able to do an event face-to-face for over 18 months.

“It will be really special to see the other families. Some people are travelling quite a distance so it means to a lot to me that they are coming to the event. We didn’t want to do it on the actual anniversary, because people will have their own plans for that day to remember those who died, so we arranged it for a week later.”

Suzy Evans with her sons Joel, who tragically died in the attack, and Owen who survived.

Owen, now 22, said he wanted to do the skydive because it had been on his brother’s bucket list. He said: “He had spoken about wanting to do a skydive and that’s a big part of my motivation for doing this. I’m taking part knowing that Joel wanted to do it.”

They will be joined by Lee Stocker, who will jump in memory of his parents John and Janet Stocker from Morden, South London, and Lewis Burbridge, who is taking part in memory of his grandma Lisa Burbridge from Whickham, Gateshead. Another 32 other friends and supporter will be taking part to ensure each of the 38 victims is represented.

Donate to the skydiving fundraiser here

A 103-year-old man from Lincoln who was pushed over and then stabbed by an intruder at his front door has lived to tell the tale, and his family have been raising money for the charity that supported him.

John Cox, 103, had to fight off the intruder in the Ermine area of Lincoln in February last year when he came to John’s door claiming to be from the council.

He said he was there to check the lights, but John recognised it as a scam and said: “You’re not coming in here, mate.”

John sat with his daughter Jill and a member of staff at Victim Support. | Photo: Ellis Karran for The Lincolnite

The man then shoved John over before stabbing him in the arm with a blade, and running away in panic.

His wife Joan, 98, was upstairs at the time and was said to be horrified by what she saw when she heard John calling for help.

Joan Cox, 98, is the wife of John and she was part of the fundraising efforts. | Photo: Ellis Karran for The Lincolnite

John said the scene was a “bloodbath” and it took nine hours for hospital staff to stem the flow of blood coming from his arm.

Miraculously, he survived this ordeal despite his age. John will turn 104 in February, but the incident hasn’t fazed him.

“These things happen in life to make you stronger,” John told The Lincolnite. “I’m proud of how I defended myself because too many people think they can do this to elderly, vulnerable people.

“The thing I was most worried about was my watch, it was a birthday present from my wife and I thought I had lost it!

“I think the amount of blood scared him (the intruder) a bit, deep down I think he was more frightened than I was.”

John and his family were joined by Victim Support to hand over the £300 donation. | Photo: Ellis Karran for The Lincolnite

John is a fit and healthy man for his age, and his key to a long life has been keeping busy and active, which is why he still washes up, does gardening and even uses an exercise bike upstairs.

After the incident, John and his family were put in the capable hands of Victim Support, an independent charity for victims of traumatic crime.

Victim Support contacted John every week, and would call him regularly during coronavirus lockdown to make sure he was still doing okay.

John’s daughter Jill said: “We can’t thank them enough really, they’ve been absolutely brilliant for John and the whole family.

“We didn’t know about Victim Support before this happened, so we just wanted to raise awareness and help them however we could so that more families can be given the support we were.”

The Cox family have taken it upon themselves to help Victim Support as a token of their gratitude for the handling of John’s situation, and have spent the last year trying to raise money for the charity.

Due to the pandemic, they were unable to host any fundraising events or raffles, but managed to raise £300 for Victim Support, which will go towards making communities safer and installing new alarm systems on doors and windows of local residents.

Sixteen cancer nurses from Lincoln will take on a 26 mile ‘Mighty Hike’ for charity and have already gone above their initial target by raising over £5,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Lincoln woman Polly Johnson, 39, and her colleagues from the Waddington Ward at Lincoln County Hospital wanted to do something positive after surviving one of the most stressful years of the their career.

Many of the group know someone affected by cancer and some were even treated on their own ward, so it is a cause close to their hearts.

They will take on the ‘Mighty Hike’ across the Lake District for Macmillan Cancer Support on Saturday, June 19 – make a donation here.

Polly Johnson (right) with some of her nursing colleagues training for the ‘Mighty Hike’.

Polly said: “We chose Macmillan because we work with a lot of Macmillan nurses and have two on our walking team, so we see the benefits of the Macmillan funding. Quite a few of our nurses have loved ones who have been affected by cancer and some have even been treated on our ward, so it is a cause close to our hearts.”

“The last few months have been extremely difficult for all healthcare workers. We’ve had a lot of very poorly patients and a lot of our nurses have recovered from COVID too. So training for this walk has been good for our wellbeing and mental health as well. It has been a great bond for us all at a difficult time.

“Taking on this challenge has embedded walking into our lives. Some of the group have done triathlons, some of us have never really walked before so we have varying levels of fitness. It’s been lovely training together, we’re really excited to be doing something positive.”

The 16 nurses have been training together over the past few months.

The Macmillan Mighty Hike 2021 series is being held in coastal and mountain locations across the UK between June 5 and September 11.

COVID-19 forced the cancellation of Mighty Hikes in 2020, losing the charity fundraising income, and Polly and her colleagues were among those participants who were forced to defer their entry for 2021.

Nurses from the Waddington Ward at Lincoln County Hospital have already raised over £5,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Helen Hancock, Macmillan Mighty Hikes Senior Programme Manager, said: “Mighty Hike season will be a time of renewed optimism with people seizing every opportunity to get out there and live their life and make a difference. This is what Macmillan Mighty Hikes are all about.

“We are determined to make this a success for the thousands of Mighty Hikers who were forced to cancel or defer their 2020 places – and for everyone who is joining us for their first Mighty Hike.”

Make a donation to the fundraiser here

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