Frankenstein at 200

    October 31, 2018 09:30
    Lincoln Drill Hall, Freeschool Lane , Lincoln

    200 years on from its first publication in 1818, Frankenstein has become the monster narrative par excellence. Not only have numerous cinema and theatre adaptations been made of it, the word Frankenstein itself (the scientist and monster often being confused) has passed into common political parlance in phrases such as ‘Frankenstein Foods’ (GM Crops), or popular children’s television programmes such as Frankenstein’s Cat.

    ‘Frankenstein at 200’ is a public engagement event celebrating the bi-centenary of Frankenstein’s publication. The morning programme comprises a range of talks by expert speakers on Frankenstein as science fiction, as horror narrative and as adapted for children. The keynote speaker is Professor Mark Jancovich (University of East Anglia).

    The afternoon session is more interactive and opens with a work-in-progress performance by Chameleon 53, followed by Q&A session with the actors. The programme concludes with a round table, chaired by Professor Lucie Armitt (University of Lincoln), titled ‘Frankenstein’s Relevance to the C21st’.

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