Developers – Junior / Middle / Senior

    Employer TRS Design Agency

    Location Lincoln

    Industry Digital Design, Web Development

    Contract Full Time

    Job Type Permanent

    Deadline 31/08/2018


    Developers wanted - Junior - middle - senior


    We’re looking for enthusiastic developers to work in a modern and happy team.

    We REALLY like what we do and we focus on standing out by being THE BEST.

    Our company values include happiness as #1. We want to make sure YOU’RE happy and our clients are happy too. It all leads to a good place!

    — We want positive and enthusiastic developers.

    Being the best is what’s built our agency to what it is today, with clients like The UN, Vodafone, The FA, The Premier League, Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, Standard Charter, Coca-Cola, Clarks, JW Marriott, NHS (OK, we’re done name-dropping).

    — We 100% support career development – helping you grow in your job and your salary.

    Our #3 values are creative & current which translates to striving for more. Looking for the best solutions with the best code. Looking at new tech, platforms and languages. Everything is up for discussion!

    — Don’t get bogged down in WordPress every day, we develop web sites and web software in a variety of platforms. It’s never dull!

    Choose your environment, choose your editor, choose your hours, choose your job… CHOOSE LIFE — (thanks Trainspotting)

    The way we see it is – it’s all about getting the job done. We know life is full of chores – dentist, hair cuts, doctors, seeing the bank, taxi’ing kids. Sometimes there’s fun things we don’t want to miss, events or family stuff.

    — We offer flexible working conditions and aim to work around these things. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

    Environment is important for developers – we get that. We’re a mixture of Mac and PC, some of us use Sublime, some Visual Studio and more. The important thing is consistency in code, commenting and quality – what you use to do it is up to you!

    — Physical comfort is important too. You get a motorised sit/stand desk and breaks when you want them.

    We think you get more done with shorter hours and lots of holiday. Happy and refreshed developers are productive developers.

    35 hours/week, over 1 month holiday/year and pay you deserve.

    You’ll get to work in the heart of Lincoln, near The Engine Shed – in a modern building with it’s own cafe, lots of events and other tech businesses. We’re on the top floor so you get a great view too!

    Still reading? That’s a good sign!

    It’s important to us that you understand who we are as a business and a team. It’s crucial you see it the same way, to fit in and to achieve our #1 value!

    We don’t have a specific shopping list of criteria. In our experience, most developers are either self-taught or very good at reading an API. These are key skills we look for.

    We’re 100% supportive in training and learning new languages, platforms or approaches. We need to know you want to learn and can learn.

    Right now, we love Laravel as our #1 platform. We do have to get involved in WordPress but we do it ground-up, no bloat, and custom – avoiding the woes of templates. Full Stack and PHP experience would definitely be helpful but we have .NET developers here who do a little of everything. A programming background is what we want.

    You don’t have to design but you do need to have an eye for detail, building from designs that are pixel perfect.

    Experience in CSS(3), HTML(5) are important. JavaScript skills come in very handy.

    Whether you have it now or can learn it – we’ll eventually want to see use of some or all of: SASS, GIT and BASH/Terminal, jQuery, Vue, vanilla JS, SQL.

    What are you waiting for?

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