Web / Software Developer

    Employer TRS Design Agency

    Location Lincoln

    Industry Computer Software, Web Development

    Contract Full Time

    Job Type Permanent

    Deadline 30/08/2020


    We’re looking for a web developer to join our team. We make web-apps or web-software (however you like to term it), we make ecommerce sites, websites, mobile apps (native and ionic framework), we do integrations, we do a lot of custom build projects – we’re into a lot of great things!

    We don’t have a shopping list of requirements, we tend to think a good developer can learn anything – so we’re looking for someone with a background in dev and a good aptitude to learn because the landscape is always changing.

    Most work will be PHP/Full-stack but not all. We love Laravel but we work with various frameworks, platforms and languages. For ecomm we use Shopify (custom coded themes and apps) or go full custom build. We’re always looking at what’s next, new and modern ways.

    The overview:

    • City centre location – Enterprise building near the Brayford)
    • 35 hour working week
    • 30+ days holiday per annum (a rested dev is a happy dev)
    • Flexible working around life (start / end time, haircuts, dentist, old friend in town…)
    • Sit/stand motorised desk (see desk photo)
    • Choose your own environment / software on a new machine (Mac or PC)
    • Pay/salary based on skill / experience – bonuses on top
    • Training and support
    • Big variety of projects and clients – no chance of boredom

    More background and information about our company, our team, our ethos and the way we work can be found by clicking the apply button – once you’ve had a good read, you’ll know if it’s the job for you…

    TRS - Web / Software Developer Job Opportunity