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A horse, a dog and a deer were rescued from the water during a busy weekend for Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue, who also saved a stuck pigeon.

A crew from Saxilby and water rescue team from Gainsborough Fire Station attended Brayford Pool on Saturday, May 15 to reports of a dog in the water. A passing boat took the crew out to the island, who rescued the dog that fortunately was uninjured.

On the same day a horse, named Luna, was found stuck in the river at Rivermead in North Hykeham. She was rescued using lines and stropes.

Fire crews from Lincoln helped to rescue a distressed horse called Luna from the river. | Photo: Tegan Harteveld

The horse was checked over by a vet and was uninjured. The other horses are now safely back in the field.

Luna’s owner Tegan Harteveld told The Lincolnite that someone had trespassed in the nearby field and opened the gate, meaning over 10 horses got out with her beloved animal ending up in the river.

The vet was called immediately, who sedated Luna and Tegan believes the next couple of days will be crucial due to the adrenaline wearing off.

Luna after being pulled out of the river near Lincoln. | Photo: Tegan Harteveld

Luna safely on dry land after being rescued from the water by fire crews. | Photo: Tegan Harteveld

Tegan with her beloved horse Luna. | Photo: Tegan Harteveld

She said: “You hear stories of horses ending up in ditches and rivers, but you never expect the phone call to be about your own animal.

“The next thing most owners think, myself included, is how they got out. When I found out it was by a person/people, I was angry and very upset.

“This could have been avoided at all costs. They had no right to be in that field, it’s private land. Now my horse and myself are paying the price for someone’s stupidity and ignorance.

“I’m just relieved that the amazing fire brigade managed to pull her out and she was the only one in. If there had been multiple horses, I doubt the outcome would have been a success.”

Fire crews helped to pull the horse to safety.

A healthy Luna before her terrifying ordeal. | Photo: Tegan Harteveld

On the same day, crews help a deer stuck in the Fossdyke Canal. The deer was rescued from the water by crews and released back into the wild.

Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue also helped the RSPCA rescue a poor pigeon in Boston on Sunday, May 16.

The pigeon had some string around its feet and had got caught on a derelict building. The bird was untangled and happily flew on his way.

A Boston taxi firm manager who stole his company’s COVID bounce back loan has been jailed for two years and eight months (32 months).

James Lloyd, 39, successfully applied for the loan on behalf of the firm and within days of the money arriving in the company bank account he transferred it into one of his personal accounts.

Lloyd turned to online gambling at the start of lockdown to boost his family income, as at the time he was off work after contracting a lung disease and his wife’s hairdressing salon was closed because of the COVID restrictions.

He was trusted by the owners of Angels Taxis based in Boston, and was a signatory on the company bank account and was given company bank accounts.

But his gambling spiralled out of control and he stole over £140,000 to fund his habit.

Lucy Jones, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court that Lloyd was a friend of Julian and Toni Vines, who owned the company, and was trusted to manage the taxi firm.

She said “It gave him the opportunity to access the company’s funds and fund his addiction to gambling.

“From December 2018 up until the police became involved in August 2020 the defendant spent over £208,000 on gambling websites.

“On 19 May last year a £50,000 government bounce back loan was paid into the company’s account.

“Following that the defendant transferred £68,000 into his personal bank account. In effect the bounce back loan went straight into his own account.”

The thefts came to light in the summer of last year after Toni Vines loaned Lloyd £5,000 to purchase a car. The money wasn’t repaid and when Mrs Vines checked the company bank account, she discovered thousands of pounds had been transferred into Lloyd’s account.

Miss Jones said “Mr Vines called the defendant. He believed there would be an innocent explanation.

“The defendant told him he would be round in the next half hour. Instead, he went to Boston Police Station and admitted to stealing more than £100,000 from his employer.”

Mr Vines subsequently discovered bills had not been paid and a number of company cars had been repossessed.

Julian Vines, in a victim impact statement, said he and his wife have been left in dire financial circumstances as a result of Lloyd stealing from their firm.

He said “Because of what James has done I have very poor credit ratings. It has been absolute carnage trying to pay back the debt James Lloyd has left us.

“I have bailiffs knocking on the door and debt collectors calling us. I’ll be paying this back for years.

“He was a man we trusted. I never doubted him. It’s like hell on earth.”

James Lloyd, 39, of Granville Street, Boston, admitted the theft of £141,045 from his employer. He was jailed for two years and eight months.

Judge Simon Hirst, passing sentence, told him “The effect of your behaviour has been devastating. They [Mr and Mrs Vines] have really suffered financially as a result.

“This is aggravated by the fact that you used Government money designed to get this company back on its feet in the grip of the pandemic.

“This country was in the grip of an emergency. A health and economic crisis. The government provided these loans to assist companies in their fight to survive.

“In effect you took the COVID loan for yourself.

“Plainly this is so serious that only a sentence of immediate custody can be passed.”

Alex Upton, in mitigation, said Lloyd has since shown remorse and has sought help for his gambling addiction.

“This is a man who had previously never been before these courts.

“He found himself in a difficult position where he was unable to work through illness. Then came the lockdown and his wife was not able to open her salon.

“He wasn’t able to stop his gambling and it spiralled out of control.

“He has handed over a boat. It is not anywhere near the total that was taken but is the only asset of value he had.”

A 49-year-old man has been charged with two counts of being concerned in the supply of class A drugs after a series of police raids in Boston.

David Legatt, 49, of Mandarin Drive in Boston, was charged by officers with two counts of being concerned in the supply of class A drugs on Wednesday. He has been remanded in court.

Officers executed four warrants at Witham Bank, Mandarin Drive and Tennyson Close in the town on Monday, initially arresting eight people before two more were arrested on Tuesday.

During the raids, police found large quantities of class A drugs and cash, as well as what is believed to be stolen property.

Two men in their 30s and 40s, a man in his 70s, four women in their 50s, one woman in her 40s and another two in their 60s were all arrested in the Boston area.

Two women in their 50s and 60s and the man in his 70s were released under investigation, quickly followed by six of the others.

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