There has been a second consecutive record day for coronavirus cases across Greater Lincolnshire on Thursday, as Northern Lincolnshire will go into “high” tier 2 restrictions from Saturday.

The latest UK coronavirus dashboard figures as of Thursday evening showed a total of 391 new cases, with 202 in Lincolnshire, 61 in North Lincolnshire and 128 in North East Lincolnshire.

It means there have been now been 6,351 new COVID-19 cases confirmed in Greater Lincolnshire in October.

It has been confirmed this afternoon that North and North East Lincolnshire will go into tier 2 (high) lockdown from midnight on Saturday, October 31. See what the new rules mean.

The area will get £1million in additional funding and leaders in those areas affected have already had their say, urging residents to “stay strong”.

According to the latest data, in North East Lincolnshire, weekly case rates stand at 320 people per 100,000. This increases to 402 per 100,000 in those aged 17-21 and is 225 per 100,000 in the over 60s.

In North Lincolnshire, weekly case rates stand at 196 people per 100,000. This increases to 272 per 100,000 in those aged 17-21 and is 131 per 100,000 in the over 60s.

A chart showing how case numbers in North East Lincolnshire have changed up to October 29.

A chart showing how case numbers in North Lincolnshire have changed up to October 29.

NHS figures reported two new COVID-related deaths at United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust.

Meanwhile, the government’s coronavirus dashboard, which includes those both in and out of hospitals and those of residents in hospitals outside the county, reported the deaths of five residents in Lincolnshire.

Nationally, cases increased by 23,065 to 965,340, while deaths jumped by 280 to 45,955.

Lincolnshire is currently still on the medium (tier 1) level for the the new three-tier lockdown system of COVID-19 risk, which means it has no extra restrictions on top of the nation-wide ones.

On Wednesday, Lincolnshire’s leaders said the area would remain in its “current status quo”.

Derek Ward Lincolnshire County Council’s Director of Public Health, said: “Looking at our current data, in my professional opinion, there is no reason to change our alert level at this point.”

Elsewhere the fallout of Nottinghamshire moving into tier three continues as more details have been revealed around restrictions – including travel into and out of the area.

Lincolnshire Police have also been encouraging people to be safe with their Halloween celebrations this year, including when trick or treating.

Grimsby has the highest infections rates in our region, and will take Scunthorpe into tier 2 lockdown with it. | Map: Public Health England


Coronavirus data for Greater Lincolnshire for Thursday, October 29

10,943 cases (up 391)

  • 6,938 in Lincolnshire (up 202)
  • 2,133 in North Lincolnshire (up 61)
  • 1,872 in North East Lincolnshire (up 128)

460 deaths (up give)

  • 318 from Lincolnshire (up five)
  • 95 from North Lincolnshire (no change)
  • 47 from North East Lincolnshire (no change)

of which 303 hospital deaths (up two)

  • 162 at United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust (up two)
  • 6 at Lincolnshire Community Health Service hospitals (no change)
  • 1 at Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust (no change)
  • 134 in Northern Lincolnshire (NLAG) (no change)

965,340 UK cases, 45,955 deaths

DATA SOURCE — FIGURES CORRECT AT THE TIME OF the latest update. postcode data includes deaths not in healthcare facilities or in hospitals outside authority boundaries.

A further six schools with positive cases of coronavirus have been confirmed on Thursday.

Lincolnshire County Council said on October 29 that it is working with 97 schools and 12 nurseries with COVID-19 infections.

The latest schools to be added to the council’s list on Thursday are: Queen Elizabeth Grammar School (Alford), Sturton by Stow Primary School, Wyberton Primary School (Boston), Burton Hathow Preparatory School (Lincoln) and Huttoft Primary and Nursery School (Alford).

Giles Academy in Old Leake, which is not yet on the council’s list, confirmed on Sunday that a student in Year 10 had tested positive for coronavirus. That student has been self-isolating with his family since October 16 due to a family member being symptomatic.

In a follow-up letter later the same day, the school confirmed that there was also a positive COVID-19 case of a student in Year 8. A decision was made to isolate the Year 8 cohort, with those students able to return to school on November 6.

Friskney All Saints C O E Primary School also reportedly has a case and the school was contacted for confirmation, but there was no reply by the time of publication.

Hawthorn Tree School (Boston), Woodlands Academy (Spilsby), Springwell Alternative Academy (Grantham), St George’s Academy (Ruskington), Little Learners Pre-School (Lincoln) and YPLP (Lincoln) are the schools currently closed.

Blyton cum Laughton CE Primary School, Community Learning in Partnership (Gainsborough), Lincoln St Christopher’s Special School, Harlaxton Primary School (Grantham), St Nicholas Primary (Boston), Swinderby All Saints Primary School and University Academy Holbeach were removed from the council’s list on Thursday as they are no longer active cases with Public Health England.

Tony McGinty, consultant in public health, said: “As of this morning, Lincolnshire’s Health Protection Team is currently working with 97 schools that have had confirmed cases of coronavirus.

“All schools continue to report the situation to us and are taking action to limit the potential spread of the virus when schools return – this will mean some pupils and staff self-isolating as a precaution where necessary during half term. Because of the length of isolation periods involved this may affect return to school for some people.

“Like the rest of the country, Lincolnshire has seen case numbers rise in recent weeks, and an increasing number of schools affected.

“However, the majority of schools will fully open next week, and those affected are working really well to limit both the risk of the virus spreading and the impact on the pupils’ education.”

Schools with current confirmed cases (new in bold at the top):

  • Queen Elizabeth Grammar School
  • Sturton by Stow Primary School
  • Wyberton Primary School
  • Burton Hathow Preparatory School
  • Huttoft Primary and Nursery School
  • Giles Academy, Old Leake
  • Lincoln College
  • Queen Elizabeth High School, Gainsborough
  • Hackthorn Primary School
  • Kesteven and Sleaford High School
  • Lincoln Castle Academy
  • Lincoln Carlton Academy
  • Bluecoat Meres Academy, Grantham
  • Kesteven and Grantham Girls School
  • Barrowby Primary School
  • Billingborough Primary School
  • The Priory Academy LSST
  • Priory Ruskin Academy, Grantham
  • Boston College
  • Hawthorn Tree School, Boston (closed)
  • Haven High Academy, Boston
  • Malcolm Sargent Primary School, Stamford
  • St George’s Academy, Sleaford
  • St Peter and St Paul Academy, Lincoln
  • Kirkstone House School, Baston
  • Stamford Endowed Schools
  • Manor Leas Junior School, Lincoln
  • St Hugh’s Catholic Primary, Lincoln
  • Ermine Academy, Lincoln
  • St Giles Academy, Lincoln
  • Branston Community College Academy
  • Grantham College
  • Kelsey Primary School
  • Birchwood Junior School, Lincoln
  • Great Steeping Primary School, Spilsby
  • Walton Academy, Grantham
  • Woodlands Academy, Spilsby (closed)
  • Skegness Academy
  • Castle Wood Academy, Gainsborough
  • The King’s School, Grantham
  • Westgate Academy, Lincoln
  • William Farr School, Welton, Lincoln
  • Sir William Robertson Academy, Welbourn, Lincoln
  • Kisimul School Acacia Hall, Freisthorpe
  • Leslie Manser Primary, Lincoln
  • Long Sutton Primary School
  • Market Deeping Community Primary
  • Springwell Alternative Academy, Grantham (closed)
  • Grantham Preparatory International School
  • Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Horncastle
  • St Michael’s Primary School, Thorpe on the Hill
  • University Academy Long Sutton
  • Denton Primary School, Grantham
  • Bridge House Independent School, Boston
  • Charles Read Academy, Grantham
  • De Aston School, Market Rasen
  • The Lancaster School, Lincoln
  • The St Sebastian Primary School, Grantham
  • Waddington All Saints Academy
  • Bourne Academy
  • Claypole Primary School
  • St George’s Academy, Ruskington (closed)
  • Carre’s Grammar School, Sleaford
  • Louth Academy
  • Boston Grammar School
  • Hartsholme Academy, Lincoln
  • Lincoln Christ’s Hospital School
  • Holbeach Primary Academy
  • Priory Pembroke Academy, Cherry Willingham
  • Little Learners Pre-School, Lincoln (closed)
  • The Deepings School
  • Spalding High School
  • Manor Farm Academy, North Hykeham
  • Scampton Primary School
  • Sutterton Fourfields Primary School, Boston
  • St Botolph’s Primary School, Sleaford
  • Fleet Wood Lane Primary School, Spalding
  • King Edward VI Academy, Spilsby
  • Kirkby on Bain Primary School
  • Spalding Parish School
  • The National Junior School, Grantham
  • William Alvey School, Sleaford
  • Barnes Wallis Academy, Tattershall
  • Bourne Grammar School
  • Spalding Academy
  • Tedder County Primary School, Ashby de la Launde, Lincoln
  • Alford Primary School
  • Caistor Grammar School
  • St Thomas CE Primary Academy, Boston
  • White Wood’s Academy, Gainsborough
  • Scotter Primary School
  • Village pre-school at Manor Farm, North Hykeham
  • Bardney CE Primary School
  • Wragby Primary School
  • Linchfield Primary School, Deeping St James
  • The Gainsborough Parish Church CE Primary School
  • Thomas Cowley High School, Spalding
  • YPLP, Lincoln (closed)

Public Health are also aware of the following 12 nurseries with positive cases (new in bold at the top):

  • Smartie Pants Day Nursery, Mablethorpe
  • Town and Country Kiddies Nursery, Louth
  • Seashells Nursery, Mablethorpe
  • Angels Childcare, Lincoln
  • Little Learners Nursery, Skegness
  • Nutwood Day Nursery, Lincoln
  • Clarence House Day Nursery, Grantham
  • Little Acorns Day Nursery, Boston
  • Elsaforde Nursery, Sleaford
  • Sunflowers Nursery, Saxilby
  • Mon Ami Day Nursery, Alford
  • Young Tots Nursery, Lincoln

North East Lincolnshire

There are 31 schools, pre-schools/early years and other education settings with active cases in North East Lincolnshire, according to the latest available data provided on Monday, October 26.

Meanwhile, Cleethorpes Academy sent a letter to parents/carers on Thursday stating that all students must wear a suitable face covering when travelling to and from school and when in corridors and other communal areas where social distancing cannot easily be observed.

This will be discussed with all students on Monday, November 2, who may remove the coverings in all classrooms.

North Lincolnshire

There have been at least seven schools with cases in North Lincolnshire since term restarted.

However, North Lincolnshire Council said it was unable to provide any data regarding schools in the region with coronavirus cases.

People in North and North East Lincolnshire cannot socialise with anybody outside their home or support bubble indoors after moving into tier 2 lockdown.

Northern Lincolnshire will move up to a high local COVID-19 alert level on Saturday, October 31, after rising case numbers.

The latest weekly case rates show that 320 people per 100,000 have tested positive for the virus in North East Lincolnshire, and 196 per 100,000 in North Lincolnshire.

Comparatively, Lincoln has 254 cases per 100,000 people, 58 more than North Lincolnshire, but will stay in tier 1 for now.

The move to the next tier means that additional restrictions will be put in place, different to the current tier 1 settings.

  • You must not meet up with family or friends in any indoor setting (including homes, venues, pubs and restaurants), unless you’ve formed a support bubble with them
  • You cannot stay overnight in another person’s home, unless you’ve formed a bubble with them
  • You can meet friends and family who you don’t live with outdoors, for example, in a private garden, parks and open spaces, but you must keep 2m apart. Where you do meet up, there must be no more than six people together.
  • You can continue to travel for work purposes and to venues, but you should reduce the number of journeys where possible.
  • You should work from home if this is possible.
  • Weddings and Funerals: up to 15 guests are allowed at weddings, up to 30 guests for funerals.
  • Education settings, shopping, retail, leisure and gyms remain open.
  • Hospitality services remain open, with the 10pm closing time and table service only.
  • Residential care homes are closed to external visitors other than in exceptional circumstances.
  • Organised sport is allowed in outdoor settings. Indoor sport must follow social contact rules.
  • Places of worship remain open.
  • Childcare: registered and wraparound childcare, including supervised activities in private homes and children’s groups are permitted.

Most rules do remain the same in between tiers, including hospitality staying open until 10pm, 15 guests being allowed at weddings and overnight stays being permitted.

Leisure centres and gyms, shopping and retail, places of worship, healthcare services, education sectors and entertainment attractions stay open despite the move to tier 2.

This comes after it was announced that the whole of Nottinghamshire would join fellow Lincolnshire neighbours South Yorkshire in tier 3 lockdown, the highest alert level.

North and North East Lincolnshire will avoid tier 3 for now, meaning that pubs and bars that don’t serve meals can stay open and wedding receptions can still go ahead.

However, people in tier 2 will not be able to mix with people from other households or social bubbles in indoor settings, including pubs.

Both tier 1 and 2 advise against travel into tier 3 areas, with some exceptions. See the details here.

Tier 3 puts entertainment and tourist attractions, as well as gyms, under risk of closing too with the latest guidance stating: “Any closures or additional restrictions subject to consultation.”

As it stands, the rest of Greater Lincolnshire will stay in tier 1 lockdown, with Lincolnshire County Council’s director for public health stating there is no reason for the alert level to change in the county yet.

Lincolnshire is tier 1 – medium – lockdown.

The restrictions for tier 2 – high – lockdown.

The restrictions for tier 3 – very high – lockdown.

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