RAF Scampton

The Red Arrows have touched down at RAF Waddington, where they will temporarily operate for the next two weeks.

The Reds will still continue display training from RAF Scampton in the meantime, but Waddington will be the base of operations this week and next.

This activity will assess how the Red Arrows can integrate into RAF Waddington, just ten miles down the road from the Reds’ usual home in Scampton, ahead of moving there permanently.

The Reds will be acclimatising ahead of a permanent move to RAF Waddington. | Photo: Corporal Adam Fletcher

The test move will finally go ahead, after it was cancelled in December due to poor weather and a lack of timing.

It comes after initial plans were made to close RAF Scampton in 2022, though the Ministry of Defence are yet to have received any interest from potential buyers.

Many are opposing the decision to close RAF Scampton, with campaigners setting up Save Scampton, in the hope of preserving the historic base and perhaps turning it into a working museum and heritage centre.

The Red Arrows will be temporarily operating from RAF Waddington ahead of the team’s permanent move from RAF Scampton.

It isn’t that far a journey for the Reds, moving just 10 miles down the road from Scampton to Waddington, crucially staying in Lincolnshire.

The jets will be based at RAF Waddington between December 7 and 11 as a test to see how the new home will work.

The Reds will still continue to practice at RAF Scampton, but will test how the jets can be integrated into the Waddington base operations.

The move is in preparation of the Red Arrows moving to RAF Waddington once Scampton closes.

The closure date for RAF Scampton is still unknown, but is believed to be at some point by 2022.

There will be no flight training for the Red Arrows for two weeks as an annual pause is brought in before the new flying season.

The Reds will be kept on the ground until November to allow for technical teams to conduct maintenance on the planes.

During this break, the Royal Air Force engineers will strip down the jets, inspect and repair any areas that aren’t usually seen during the flying season.

Training for the new season will restart next month, as the Reds prepare for what is set to be the 57th season for the team.

The break comes in the same month that a new Read Arrows Team Leader was announced, former typhoon jet pilot Tom Bould.

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