Children at a Lincoln school were treated to a PE session led by Team GB medallist Sam Oldham.

The pupils at Lincoln Carlton Academy were specially selected by Persimmon Homes South Yorkshire to enjoy the unique training session as part of the housebuilder’s partnership with Team GB.

Gymnast Sam Oldham, who won a team bronze medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games, was guest of honour at the school where the pupils completed a warmup session, an obstacle as well as admire his medal and Olympic torch.

Year 1 teacher, Leah Catten said: “It has been wonderful to welcome Sam to our school. We aim to give each child the best start in life so they can succeed with confidence and Sam’s inspiring session helped the children to understand that anything is possible, if you work hard.

“He talked about uncovering his own potential and that’s what we want for our pupils. He has been absolutely wonderful, and the children were amazed by his back flip.”

Sam said: “It was wonderful to be working with the children.

“It feels great to give back at the end of my career. I am approaching my final chapter, but these guys are just starting out.

“I never had an athlete come to my school to talk about the amazing things sport can do for you, so hopefully the kids will feel really inspired today to get into sport because it is so important for their mental and physical health – maybe some of them could even be Lincolnshire Olympians of the future.”

Alastair Hart, sales director of Persimmon Homes South Yorkshire, added: “The school is not far from our Greetwell Fields development, and we are always keen to support the communities where we are building.”

A man from Iceland who runs a seafood factory in Lincolnshire has created a naked calendar to raise money to help others with the same rare brain condition, which he was diagnosed with last year.

Fridrik Thorsteinsson is the Managing Director at Northcoast Seafoods Ltd in Grimsby. Last year he was diagnosed with a rare brain condition called MSA (Multiple System Atrophy), which causes gradual damage to nerve cells in the brain.

He told BBC Look North that the condition means “I’m getting paralysed slowly” and he came up with idea for a fundraising calendar – The Calendar Boys 2022 – which combines stunning Nordic scenery and semi-naked men in boots.

The calendar will raise money to help others with the same rare brain condition as Fridrik – Multiple System Atrophy. | Photo: BBC Look North

The Calendar Boys 2022 is based on an old photograph taken 40 years ago and is just one means of fundraising for Fridrik.

The calendar will be available online soon and Fridrik hopes it will raise money for others with his condition.

The calendar will be available online soon. | Photo: BBC Look North

The calendar is based an this old photograph taken 40 years ago.

Fridrik said: “We took our clothes off. It made us laugh, and hopefully it will make other people laugh as well.”

Fridrik’s condition also means that he’s losing his voice and, being bilingual, he wants to preserve it digitally in both English and Icelandic. However, he has discovered that Iceland doesn’t have its own version of voice banking.

They had a lot of fun making the calendar. | Photo: BBC Look North

The calendar was the brain child of Fridrik Thorsteinsson, who runs Northcoast Seafoods Ltd in Grimsby. | Photo: BBC Look North

He added: “I managed, just over one year ago, to record my own voice. I have an app on my phone so I can use my own speech.”

Lincolnshire Resilience Forum has issued a warning about fake NHS emails asking people to order ‘an Omicron PCR test’.

The government has confirmed more than 30 Omicron cases in the UK now, with some in the East of England.

However, Lincolnshire health bosses said on Thursday no cases of the new Omicron variant of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the county, but that it’s “just a matter of time” until it arrives.

The scam email asks people to “apply now for Omicron PCR test to avoid restrictions”. It claims that people who do not consent or cannot agree to a COVID-19 test and refuse to undergo a swab must be isolated”.

There is also a link for ordering the Omicron PCR test, but it takes the user to fake NHS website. However, the NHS will never ask for payment or for your bank details — so don’t fall for it.

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