May 29, 2010 12.56 pm This story is over 166 months old

Five more Lincoln burglaries in just two days

Burglary overload: Five more burglaries occurred in Lincoln over the past two days, with thieves stealing jewellery, meat, bicycles and motorcycles.

Five more burglaries were reported in Lincoln between Thursday, May 27th and Friday, May 28th. The burglaries follow another set of seven similar incidents in the city, which happened during the past weekend, and were blamed on the hot weather.

This time, the burglars stole various goods from the five Lincoln locations, ranging from jewellery, cash, bicycles, motorcycles, meat, fish, and DVD players.

There were two burglaries reported on May 27th. The first was committed overnight, when offender(s) forced entry to the Lincoln Evangelical Church in Uffington close, via the rear door, and stole a DVD player.

The second May 27th burglary was committed at a property in Newark Road, where offender(s) forced entry to the house via French doors at the rear, and stole a Nintendo Wii console, jewellery and some cash. A nurse’s style watch was also stolen.

Four other burglaries were reported on May 28th in Lincoln. Offender(s) entered the detached garage of a house on Westwood Drive via a side door, and wheeled away a child’s black XT Sport Motorcycle.

A possibly connected incident happened on Almond Avenue, where offender(s) forced a shed door and stole three bicycles: one was a specialised Hard Rock Pro in titanium, the second was a GT Chucker XS1 in white, and the third was a Cobe Sanchez in red.

The third burglary of May 28th occurred overnight in the Lincoln Central Market, Sincil Street, when offender(s) forced entry to the Market building, possibly via a skylight. They attacked the butcher’s stall and the fish stall, stealing a substantial quantity of meat and fish.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Lincolnshire Police on 0300 111 0300.

Source: Lincolnshire Police