Commenting rules

The Lincolnite welcomes your comments and feedback under stories we publish. Before you engage, here are the house rules, which all members must follow in order to maintain an informative conversation for all our community.

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How do I comment?

The Lincolnite uses its own integrated community platform, which means you will have to register for a free account to post a comment. Registration is simple and only takes a minute. Your details are stored securely and not shared with any third parties. You can then comment on any stories that have the feature enabled.

Do you moderate comments?

Yes, The Lincolnite reactively-moderates all incoming comments. This means that they will go live immediately (we use a blacklist to automatically block comments using offensive words), and our team will look over them periodically, to see whether they abide by the rules.

New users will have their comments held automatically for human moderation for the first two days of activity, which might result in slight delays to comments appearing on the site in this period. Once whitelisted, a user’s comments will be published immediately.

Our readers and community can flag up comments, which the editors will review within typical office hours. If several users flag a comment, that comment will automatically stop being displayed until it is reviewed by us.

We reserve the right to remove any offensive or inappropriate comments, and will blacklist repeat offenders to maintain an informative conversation for our community.

Which comments will you delete?

The Lincolnite will remove any comments that:

  • are insensitive, abusive, off-topic, use foul language
  • include ad hominem attacks including comments that celebrate the death or illness of any person, public figure or otherwise
  • contain racist, sexist, homophobic and other slurs
  • are solicitations and/or advertising for blogs, websites and businesses
  • are posted with the explicit intention of provoking other commenters or the staff at The Lincolnite
  • contains content that may infringe the copyright or intellectual property rights of others or other applicable laws or regulations

Corrections comments: Comments that highlight required corrections will be dealt with as soon as possible and will be removed once the issue has been resolved.

Found an inappropriate comment?

If you’ve spotted an inappropriate or offensive comment on The Lincolnite, then please email [email protected] with the story link and respective comment indications enclosed, and a member of the editorial team will be able to assist you.

Think your comment was unrightfully removed?

Please note that comments are deleted permanently, and that you can resubmit at any time. If you think your comment on The Lincolnite was unrightfully removed, please email [email protected], and we will consider your complaint.

The Lincolnite & Stonebow Media reserve the right to review any of the commenting guidelines above periodically without due notice.