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By Partner, Streets Chartered Accountants

How often, especially if you are on LinkedIn, have you seen a post or received news that someone you know has been promoted? How often does such promotion seem to be a somewhat significant step up or change from an existing role? Whilst a career trajectory from assistant to a C suite role in a matter of a few years might seem implausible, it does seem increasingly possible.

It seems gone are the days that one’s career progression is based on a number, if not many, years of work and being mentored and supported by a more senior person, with such progression dependent even on the retirement of the person in the role above. Certainly, such advancement was inevitably based on past performance, a track record and achievements. It might be said that people had to earn their stripes and prove their worth.

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James Pinchbeck is Partner at Streets Chartered Accountants, a top 40 UK accountancy practice. James, as a specialist in marketing professional services, is responsible for the development and implementation of the firm's strategic marketing as well as its engagement in the community it which it works and serves. His role allows him to capitalise on his broad interest in the national and local economy as well as his passion for enterprise. As part of his wider interest in enterprise, marketing and education, James is a board member of NBV – the East Midlands Enterprise Agency, an FE College Governor and a board member of the University of Lincoln’s Business School. He is also an Institute of Director’s past Branch Chairman.

Lincoln’s nightlife sure has changed since I first stepped into the city two decades ago, not sure what to expect.

Although some venues remain the same, there is no doubt that the nightlife has expanded with more bars and clubs. Inevitably, there are a long list of places that people will miss from years gone by.

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Joseph joined the team as a news reporter in February 2018. He has a keen interest in sport and loves to write features about people and their experiences. He also likes to insert puns into stories where appropriate.

The media have now devoted acres of newspaper print and thousands of hours now to the saga of perhaps the most dishonest politician ever to hold high office in the UK. His mendaciousness and disturbing personality disorders have been laid bare repeatedly for many years and in concentrated form ever since he embarked on his disingenuous Brexit quest some seven years ago now.

So we have no real need to revisit this sordid tale again, although readers may have to forgive the odd referencing back for the purpose of clarity.

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Barry Turner is a Senior Lecturer in War Reporting and Human Rights and a member of the Royal United Services Institute.

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