July 31, 2010 5.19 pm This story is over 164 months old

Anti-racecourse protest hits the High Street

People’s Choir: The Hands Off Our Common campaign took to Lincoln’s High Street to spread their message.

The Hands Off Our Common campaign has taken to Lincoln’s High Street to protest against plans from the Lincoln Racecourse Regeneration Company (LRRC) to bring back flat racing on the city’s West Common.

The campaign gathered over 680 signatures on an online petition, and on Saturday, July 31, claims it received a further 667 signatures from people in the High Street in Lincoln. Over 10 local people, together with Emile Van Der Zee, the head of the campaign, canvassed locals and sang in a peaceful demonstration.

Emile Van Der Zee is the man behind the anti-racecourse campaign.

Other Lincoln campaigners joined the cause and helped out spreading fliers.

Around 10 other locals joined the peaceful High Street protest.

The Common People's Choir performed just after 11am.

Van Der Zee joined in with the choir.

The Common People's Choir sang again at 2pm.

Some people stopped to observe the demonstration.

Not everyone canvassed by the campaigners agreed with their cause.