September 8, 2010 9.05 am This story is over 160 months old

‘Così fan tutte’ opera to air at Odeon

Cult classic: The Odeon will be playing Mozart’s opera classic ‘Così fan tutte’, but with a new, modern twist.

Lincoln’s Odeon will be airing Mozart’s comedy opera Così fan tutte as part of an international celebration.

Cinema’s across Europe and the US will be airing the popular comedy in order to celebrate the opening of The Royal Opera’s 2010/2011 season.

The film, now a modern dress production of the 18th century classic, was originally scorned for immorality, but has since been hailed genius.

Così fan tutte (“all women are the same”) is a tale of decadence, seduction, friendship and forgiveness, based around two young officers and their fiancées.

The men decide to trick their fiancées into believing they are still at war, when actually they returned in disguise. However the plan backfires when the women fall for the other’s partner.

British baritone Thomas Allen and Welsh soprano Rebecca Evans feature in the film, alongside a host of upcoming singers.

Mozart’s opera can be experienced on September 10 at 7pm.