September 9, 2010 2.51 pm This story is over 160 months old

Early start for prospective 10K runners

Early start: Those wanting to run the Lincoln 10K next year can book online from tomorrow, 5 weeks earlier than usual.

Lincolnites wanting to run or walk the 10K Road Race next year can now book their spot online, five weeks earlier than usual.

The annual run, now in its 15th year, has a new website to take applications, and will be relaunched September 10.

The new website also includes race information, training programmes, media, and a discussion board. Last year 4,245 people signed up online, 85% of all entries.

You can apply for other races on the website too, like the 10K wheelchair race, buggy push, school races, Company Challenge or the Athletic Team Trophy.

Entry in the 10K race costs £17 for general entries, and £15 for those affiliated with an athletic or running club. Runners must be over 15-years-old.

Race organiser Keith Taylor, Senior Sport Development Officer at the City of Lincoln Council said: “We try to make it as easy as possible for people to get signed up and take part in the Lincoln 10K.

“Opening online applications earlier means people can really focus on their training and have something to look forward to for spring next year.

“The comments board will be particularly useful to us, before and after the event, as we’ll be able to see what people like and don’t like about the race, helping us to improve it.”

Next year’s race will be on April 3 and Councillor Alister Williams will be the first to sign up. He will be taking part as part of his monthly sports challenge.

Williams said: “Through Challenge Alister, I’m trying out a different sport in Lincoln every month, meeting a wide variety of sports clubs and encouraging people to get active.

“The Lincoln 10K is a prestigious event, widely regarded as the best historic 10K in the country, and I’m really looking forward to it, but it is definitely going to be one of the more challenging challenges!”

Source, Photo: City of Lincoln Council