November 26, 2010 10.52 am This story is over 160 months old

Cancer patient raises money for hospital

Charity run: Eight runners raised over £2,000 for Lincoln County Hospital’s Breast Unit.

Eight runners raised over £2,000 for Lincoln County Hospital’s Breast Unit after one member was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The runners, from agricultural firm Frontier, decided to raise the money after colleague Tina Shaw had been diagnosed and received care from the unit.

Overall, the team managed to raise £2,621 and handed it over to the Breast Unit this week to go towards staff training for a new breast cancer rehabilitation programme.

Tim Day of Frontier said people were eager to get involved in some way when they heard.

He said: “We put the word out on our staff newsletter and eight people came forward to run and plenty more sponsored us.”

The runners were Amanda Byworth, Tim Day, Julie Mathers, Gill Sanderson, Nona Whittaker, Becky Grummitt, Paul Whitbread and Louise Price.

The group all ran wearing T-shirts containing the motto We’ll finish for Shaw. These were donated by Frontier.

Patient Shaw said: “It is amazing that they did this run to raise funds for the Breast Unit. They really deserve the money we have been able to donate to them. I’m very grateful to everyone for their support.”

After receiving the donation, Senior Nurse at the Breast Unit Beth Croft said: “It is lovely when people think of us in this way.

“We are planning to use the donation to help towards setting up a new rehabilitation programme for ladies, which will include specialist exercise and counselling.

“At the moment we are raising funds so that the breast care nurses can be trained to deliver the exercise programme, so this donation will come in very handy.”

Source, Photo: ULHT