November 18, 2010 7.56 pm This story is over 160 months old

Hollywood star makes Lincoln shine

Lights on ! Lincoln’s switch-on of the Christmas lights, with thousands spectating the city’s own Colin McFarlane.

Thousands of people gathered in the city centre to count down the seconds to the switch-on of the Lincoln Christmas lights.

Among them was Lincoln’s own Batman and BBC actor Colin McFarlane (pictured), who turned on the lights at the War Memorial just after 7pm.

However, Harry Potter star Chris Rankin (playing Percy Weasley) was unable to join McFarlane (as previously announced) on stage due to illness.

With background music by the Salvation Army Band, Mayor of Lincoln Geoff Kirby and Lincs FM’s Rob Hammond kept the crowds going until it was time to light up.

Kirby also reminded the youngsters in the audience to hurry up and write their letters to Santa before it’s too late.

The crowds dispersed quickly after the lights switch-on.

Before flipping the switch, McFarlane discussed the Batman series, confirming there would be more films in the saga, though without his character.

He said: “Yeh, but I’m dead. I drank the whiskey and then I fell over and died. The Joker got me!”

McFarlane also discussed his role in new children’s programme Hounded, where he plays evil Dr. Muhahahaha.

In his character’s voice, he then counted down to 10 and switched on the lights, which turned on first time around this year.