November 4, 2010 9.47 am This story is over 160 months old

Lincolnites on the loose at goth fest

Fancy dress: Two Lincolnites took Halloween one step further, and joined a massive goth fest in a graveyard.

Last weekend several Lincolnites took their Halloween celebrations to another level, making the goth pilgrimage to Whitby, North Yorkshire, supposedly the second home of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Sandra and Gordon Mould (pictured above), from South Park in Lincoln, are two of many thrill seekers who descended on the sea-side town, which is where Stoker famously visited and found inspiration for the Dracula tale.

Accommodation is fully booked in Whitby almost a year in advance, as the world-renowned event brings in floods of vampires, devils and ghouls. The town’s ruined abbey features in the plot of the vampire story, and each year becomes the epicentre of British gothdom.

The Lincoln couple heard about the event through relatives, and their visit last weekend was their second so far: “My sister-in-law told us about the commotion when she went to take photos one year, and we thought it might be a giggle to get involved,” said Sandra.

Sandra and Gordon Mould in character as Victorian gentry in the church grounds.

Dressed as a goth bride, wearing a bask, Victorian skirt and a veil, all in black of course, Sandra settled well into the role as she wondered around the graveyard of Whitby Church.

On this day only, she did not look out-of-place, as the goth costumes ranged from futuristic cyber goths and steam punks to traditional characters, such as Draculas with blood-stained fangs and witches with blemished faces.

Sandra’s other costumes consisted of a Victorian lady and a raunchy vampire goth, with Gordon dressing as a Victorian gentleman, Dracula and a headless waiter.

“Its a hilarious weekend. I didn’t see much when I was dressed as a headless waiter but some of the outfits are great. There are a few funny sights such as a man in a wedding dress and there are the new age goths whose outfits are so intricate and amazing,” said Gordon.

The new age cyber goths look more suited to the movie Mars Attacks than Dracula.

The two Lincolnites put together their own costumes using obscure clothes from outlets like eBay. A lot of time, effort and expense goes into the outfits but it helps the participants really get into character.

Sandra said: “I normally hate having my picture taken, but when I’m dressed up people want their picture taken with you and it’s great. Gordon always steals the show though, he got asked for so many pictures wearing his headless waiter outfit.”

Goths mill around the graveyard and abbey grounds posing for photos.

Pamela Norris, also from Lincoln, visits Whitby every year for Goth weekend and enjoys the spectacle: “I’m not sure if it is quite right people climbing on gravestones, but with the backdrop of the church and abbey, the whole event looks stunning.”

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