November 11, 2010 10.18 am This story is over 160 months old

Police seize drugs from 5 Lincoln houses

Drug raids: Police stormed five houses in Lincoln, arrested six suspected dealers, and seized £60k worth of drugs.

Lincolnshire Police say they have seized drugs worth “tens of thousands of pounds” and also arrested six suspected dealers in Lincoln in the last week.

The biggest catch came last Thursday from a house in Keddington Avenue, Lincoln, where £50,000 worth of suspected cocaine and amphetamine were seized.

Eight houses were searched by police in the past week, five of which were in Lincoln, six suspected dealers arrested, and drugs worth £60,000 confiscated.

A man (54) was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply drugs, as £4,000 worth of suspected cocaine, cannabis and heroine were recovered on November 1 at an address in Sincil Bank.

Three men (21, 20, 19) were arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply at a house on Grace Street, where cocaine and cannabis worth an estimated £750 was seized on November 2.

A house raid on Keddington Avenue on November 4 led to police confiscating suspected cash, cocaine and amphetamine worth £50,000.

A woman (35) was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply, and a man (40) handed himself to police later on November 10.

Cash that Lincolnshire Police seized from the Keddington Avenue raid.

A man (33) was arrested on suspicion of possession and theft on November 4 after a raid at his house on Moorland Crescent, where class A (suspected heroin) and B drugs recovered, along with several suspected stolen items were found.

On November 5, police also raided a house on Gaunt Street, where a man (23) was given a cannabis-related warning from Lincolnshire Police.

The suspected dealers arrested by police will appear in court in mid-December.

More items confiscated from the Keddington Avenue raid in Lincoln.

DI Simon Lovett said: “We have a comparatively small issue with drugs in this city, but that doesn’t mean people’s lives aren’t affected on a day-to-day basis.

“We know from the public that drug houses in streets where you live are a nightmare. They attract crime and antisocial behaviour through the day and night as offenders steal to feed their habits.

“Add to that the wider issue of the impact of Class A drugs on young people in the community, and it is clear that we need to stay on top of the issue and work towards reclaiming our streets back from these criminals.

“These arrests are just a snapshot of our ongoing work. What we need is the public’s help. Help us raid the houses of any other dealers operating in our neighbourhoods. These people deserve no loyalty—call us and we will take action.

“It will not happen immediately. We are careful to build up an intelligence picture and gather evidence on these people before we go through their doors, but rest assured, your information will help us put dealers in front of the courts and behind bars,” added Lovett.

Source, Photo: Lincolnshire Police | Related Report: Lincolnshire Echo, BBC Lincolnshire