December 16, 2010 2.21 pm This story is over 159 months old

‘Flash freeze’ to render grit ineffective

Warning: Drivers are warned of icy roads as a ‘flash freeze’ of the surfaces will take over Thursday’s rush hour.

Lincolnshire County Council officers are warning roads will be icy by Thursday’s rush hour, as the rainfall in the city will freeze instantly due to plummeting temperatures.

Known as a flash freeze, the weather condition where temperatures plummet within 30 minutes of rain stopping, only happens once or twice a year.

The council says it has sent the gritters out from 12pm, but that the rain has washed most of the salt off the roads.

Several further runs, including an extra one for hills, will take place through the remainder of Thursday and into the night.

Darrell Redford, Winter Maintenance Engineer, said:

“As rain washes grit away, it’s normal practice to wait until the rain stops and then treat the roads in readiness for falling temperatures later.

“Icy temperatures will arrive within 30 minutes of the rain stopping, so we simply won’t be able to get the gritters around everywhere in time.

“It’s absolutely essential that motorists expect icy road surfaces and drive with the greatest of care. Likewise, pedestrians should tread extremely carefully.”

Last time bad weather struck Lincoln, the whole city came to a standstill during rush hour, with traffic delays up to three hours.

Source: Lincolnshire County Council