February 17, 2011 4.11 pm This story is over 155 months old

Copper theft warning to city landlords

Copper theft: Police are warning landlords to secure unoccupied premises due to another round of copper thefts.

Lincolnshire Police are warning private and social landlords to secure their unoccupied properties due to a rise in copper thefts in Lincoln.

Copper prices are currently at an all-time high, so thieves are enticed to steal boilers and pipes from empty or renovating properties.

This is because these properties are less secure and landlords do not check them regularly.

The police advise landlords to invest in better locks, alarms and security lighting as well as more visits to prevent thousands of pounds in repairs.

Over the past two weeks, three unoccupied houses in Swift Gardens and Browning Drive, Lincoln have been targeted by copper thieves.

Copper theft has also affected trains in Lincoln in recent months, leading to delays to both passengers and pedestrians and motorists at train barriers.

Lincolnshire Police have made a few arrests in relation to thieves and copper from homes also.

If anyone has any information on copper theft, call Lincolnshire Police on 0300 111 0300.

Pictured, copper cable found on rail tracks.

Source: Lincolnshire Police