February 3, 2011 2.30 pm This story is over 155 months old

Lincoln’s crime hotspots revealed

Crime mapper: Streets with bars, clubs and shops are the crime hotspots in Lincoln, new figures from the Home Office reveal.

Crime maps introduced by the Home Office on Tuesday, February 1, reveal Lincoln’s crime hotspots.

For the first time, city residents can check crime levels on their street after the site was crushed by an onslaught of visitors (around 18 million visits per hour).

The Police.UK site is now up and running again, allowing anyone to input their postcode and get an outlook on the type of crime on their street.

Before naming the crime hotspots according to the Home Office numbers, it must be mentioned that there are a few caveats with the maps.

The maps do not feature live data, so the data currently displayed is from December 2010 only.

This means that the website will only update with crime figures the following month, rather than data from incidents occurring the previous night.

Also, from six crime categories, “other crimes” include everything from drug dealings to bank robberies, so there is no way to identify these individual types of crime.

Lincoln’s crime hotspots

Out of 608 crimes reported to Lincolnshire Police in Lincoln in December 2010, 255 of them included antisocial behaviour.

The second most popular crime category in December in Lincoln was “other crimes”, which includes criminal damage, shoplifting and drug offences.

Saltergate, St Marys Street, Clasketgate and St Marks Square were the streets where most crime occurred in Lincoln last December.

Saltergate recorded 29 crimes that month, 17 of which were “other crime”, seven antisocial behaviour related incidents and five violent crimes.

Next up was St Marys Street, with 26 cases in total, 10 of which were antisocial behaviour, 13 “other crime” and three violent crimes.

Clasketgate followed closely with 25 incidents, 13 of which were violent crimes, seven of antisocial behaviour and four “other crime”.

St Marks Square was next with 23 crimes in total, 19 “other crime”, three violent crimes and one antisocial behaviour case.

Swan Street also had 23 incidents, eight of which were antisocial behaviour, eight “other crime” and seven violent crimes.

To protect privacy, the crimes on the map point on or near the road where they occurred, so the crimes were committed in proximity of the named streets.

Other noteworthy crime hotspots were Park Street (18 incidents), Silver Street (15), 10 each on Napier Street, Brayford Street, Brayford Wharf North and Newland.

You can check your area for crimes via this link.