April 6, 2011 1.12 pm This story is over 155 months old

School kids demand speed limit

Zebra crossing: A national charity mascot supports parents and teachers on their campaign for a reduced speed limit.

A striped mascot visited a Lincoln school on Wednesday, April 6, to back a campaign to make roads safer for children and residents in the area.

Zak the Zebra from road charity Brake was at Witham St Hughs Primary School to support parent Justine Willis and residents on their protest.

The April 6 protest is part of a campaign to have a zebra crossing installed on Warren Lane and a 20mph speed limit enforced.

They hope the protest will encourage Lincolnshire County Council to install the crossing.

Warren Lane is a busy road carrying cars, delivery vans and lorries to the city and parents and teachers are concerned a child could be in an accident.

Parent Justine Willis said: “It is ludicrous that we have to fight so hard to ensure that our children can cross safely to get to school.

“A pedestrian crossing is such a basic road safety measure: surely crossings should be installed outside every school?

“We need a crossing and a 20mph limit, before one of our children is seriously injured or killed.”

Brake campaigns director Julie Townsend said: “As a charity that supports road crash victims, we know all too well the appalling suffering caused by the death or injury of a child.

“We must do more to prevent these tragedies, and to enable people to walk and cycle without fear.

“Nationally, Brake is calling for increased Government investment in road safety, but we are also supporting communities who want to see local action now.

“It is frankly an outrage for children to be unable to walk to school without their lives being endangered.

“20mph limits and crossings are crucial in protecting children on foot, and the residents of Witham St Hughs recognise this.

“We’re backing their calls, and appealing to the County Council to act now, prioritising children’s safety and the basic right of all local residents to walk and cycle in safety.”

According to Brake, if motorists drive at 20mph or slower there is a chance of stopping in time if a child runs out three car lengths in front.

Source: Brake | Photo: Kelly Moore for The Lincolnite