May 11, 2011 2.30 pm This story is over 153 months old

Breast screening invites extended

Screening extension: More women in Lincolnshire will be eligible to receive screening to detect breast abnormalities earlier.

The breast screening services available at Lincoln County Hospital for women aged 50 to 70 are being extended to a wider age range.

Lincolnshire Breast Screening Service are now allowing women aged 47 to 50 and 70 to 73 attend regular mammograms every three years.

The extension is part of a national six-year pilot, in which Lincolnshire was chosen to take part, which aims to ensure abnormalities are found earlier.

However as it is a test, this could mean that there are aren’t invites for all women of the new age ranges.

Breast Screening Programme Manager Alysa Page said: “The current screening programme, where all ladies between the ages of 50 and 70 are invited to be screened every three years, is a huge success and has helped to pick up cancers earlier and get them treated.

“This extension means that some women aged between 47 and 50 and from the ages of 70 to 73 will also now be called for screening.

“We are piloting this age extension and are confident that the local eligible population will really benefit.”

Page also stressed that it is important for women who receive an invite to attend the screening. As previously reported, around a quarter of women skip their appointment.

“A mammogram can detect early signs of cancer when it’s too small to feel or hasn’t created any visible breast changes and this early detection means that the chances of a full recovery are much improved.

“We would like to encourage women to accept their breast screening invitation.

“There is no need to be nervous, our staff are professional and considerate and happy to discuss with the women any anxieties they may have.

“If they can’t make it to the appointment time, date and location offered, they can contact us and it can be re-arranged.

“If they decide they do not wish to accept the invitation we would be grateful if they would contact us as we can then offer the time slot to someone else.”

Ladies in the age range that wish to be screened or want more information on the screening can contact the screening office on (01522) 573999.

Source: ULHT