August 9, 2011 3.08 pm This story is over 151 months old

Five houses first council homes in 20 years

Council houses: The City of Lincoln Council plans to start working on five new council homes this year.

A new report details how the City of Lincoln Council plans to start building five new council homes this year, the first ones to be built in the city for 20 years.

The report to Full Council on August 9 from Councillor Richard Coupland also describes ways in which the City Council will improve its performance as a landlord.

“I can announce that in keeping with the controlling group’s new priorities in ‘seeking to increase the number of Affordable Housing’ a pilot new build scheme is currently being worked on with the intent of commencing the construction of 5 new council houses this year,” Coupland wrote in the report.

Other initiatives listed by the report are:

  • Pilot of a ‘handy person’ service for more vulnerable tenants – to help with small repairs and improvements
  • Review of the way anti-social behaviour is handled, with a view to achieving the Respect ASB Charter for housing
  • Pilot carbon reduction scheme, using renewable energy sources such as solar heated water, PV panel for electricity generation and air to air heat pumps
  • The number of estate inspections increased to four per estate per year
  • The reintroduction of an annual tour of inspection by councillors and senior officers
  • Improved security and improved communal door entry in flats

Councillor Coupland said: “With buying and privately renting now being out of many people’s grasp, we want to make council housing a good choice for people to make when they think about where to live.

“Many people forget that all improvements to council homes and the tenant service is funded through housing rents – from the tenants themselves – not from Council Tax, so we want to make sure they’re getting the best service for their money.”

Source: City of Lincoln Council