August 15, 2011 9.10 am This story is over 151 months old

Tesco to have cheapest Lincoln fuel

Every little helps: Tesco has dropped its fuel prices, which could make it the cheapest in the city to buy petrol from.

Tesco announced it will lower fuel prices a further 2p per litre in order to compete with other food stores who recently cut their prices.

If Tesco lowers its prices in the city, it will become the cheapest place to buy fuel in the area at 131.9p.

After both Morrisons and Asda cut their cost of petrol per litre, Tesco have followed suit across its various courts to remain competitive.

The average price of fuel per litre in Lincoln is currently at 134.90p for unleaded or 138.71p for diesel.

According to Petrol Prices comparison site, the cheapest in Lincoln for unleaded are Asda (132.7p), Sainsbury’s (132.9p) and Morrisons (133.8p).

Speaking to The Guardian, an AA spokesperson said: “It’s good news when Tesco moves — the average price across the UK tends to come down very quickly as a result.”

The drop in fuel across supermarkets is believed to reflect the poor economic climate across the world.

It is expected that Sainsbury’s will make an announcement about their fuel prices in reaction to other supermarkets’ price drops too.

Photo: Graham Richardson