September 15, 2011 3.41 pm This story is over 150 months old

Bunk cabins for incoming Lincoln students without accommodation

Double bunks: The University of Lincoln will put students without living arrangements into bunk cabins on campus.

— The University of Lincoln has demanded that The Lincolnite’s original photos of the bunk cabins be removed, claiming it hoped to get the cabins a little more comfortable before images were circulated. For illustration purposes only, the photo above was taken from a publicly-accessible spot.

The University of Lincoln has begun installing twin bunk cabins in its staff car park in order to accommodate new students without living arrangements.

Situated behind the new Engineering Hub, next to the LPAC theatre on Rope Walk, around 10 cabins have already been installed on Thursday.

The newly installed accommodation area is to be known as ‘Festival Gardens’.

The cabins have two single beds, electric heating, and toilets and shower facilities.

Around 200 students were told by the university to arrive in Lincoln on Sunday with their bare essentials, as the university tries to find living arrangements for them.

All the 1,000 beds in the university’s own accommodation are already fully booked, as well as around 3,000 more in the private sector developments nearby, such as the Junxion or Pavilions.

Not all the 200 students without living arrangements would be temporarily accommodated in the bunk cabins.

As previously reported, the university is looking to put some of them in hotel rooms across the city, as well as staff spare rooms, until long-term arrangements are made.

Below, a publicity photo of the bunk cabins installed in Lincoln, courtesy of Bunkabin.

The University of Lincoln later commented on this story (see below): “They don’t look their best at the moment as they are in the process of being installed.

“The twin ensuite cabins are fully serviced and heated, and will have their own 24/7 security guard.

“They’re a short-term measure to deal with the influx of late applications for accommodation to enable people to come to the city for Welcome Week while we help them find permanent accommodation.”