September 9, 2011 4.22 pm This story is over 150 months old

Voice of Lincoln: Personal budgets ahoy!

Personal budgets: Are they a good idea, or just a way to privatise adult social care?

Following the County Council’s decision to reform the adult social care system, The Lincolnite asked what the people of Lincoln think of the proposals.

Starting September 19, a consultation period will be launched to consider the views of service users and staff concerning the possible changes.

The council is looking to move towards a system of personal budgets, where people will be encouraged to make their own decisions about what service they want.

Rather than providing the services themselves, the council is potentially looking to outsource to businesses in an effort to make the provision of care more efficient.

However, it is likely that up to 285 jobs may be lost in the process. We asked what you thought of the potential reforms?

Gary Bradley, 59

Gary Bradley

“I’m strongly against any move towards anything that looks to be like privatising social care for the elderly, I want to keep it firmly in the public sector. It will inevitably lead to job losses, forcing people to reapply for their own jobs. I have an elderly mother in care and the service just isn’t the same in private hands. It sounds like the government is trying to wash their hands of something that could be problematic just to save themselves money.”

Az Dular, 37

Az Dular

“I can see where they’re coming from, from the business aspect if it is going to make more money available for other areas that desperately need it. But, I think they need to take into account personal loss the way it is going to affect the people who could potentially lose their jobs. Possibly they would be in a better financial position to take care of the individuals, [if the current plans are implemented] but I do think there could be a problem with certain sectors becoming isolated and no longer down with the common man.”

Desmond O’Connor, 46

Des O'Connor

“I think it is important that we keep going forward, and trust the government. I have lived in Zambia and what I find myself asking myself is do I want to live here in England and or in Zambia and this country still has many good practices in place. I feel very thankful to have a British passport.”

Michael Davis, 65

Michael Davis

“Considering I don’t receive care and I take care of myself, at the present time it doesn’t really apply to me yet. But, as I see it, it’s only the council trying to cut back on even more money. They’re cutting back on our money or what we should be getting to save their own necks. We’re paying for everyone else’s mistakes. We’re picking up the tab for all the money that this country has lost.”

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