October 27, 2011 4.38 pm This story is over 149 months old

Man fined £260 for overstaying at McDonald’s

Expensive latte: A Lincoln man faced a £260 parking charge after he spent too much time in McDonald’s.

A Lincoln man faced a £260 parking charge after he spent too much time in the McDonald’s on Tritton Road roundabout.

Wayne Koston arranged a first date in the restaurant, and not knowing about the 90 minute maximum stay ended up with a £60 parking fine that soon escalated.

Contesting the charge, Koston wrote to McDonald’s car park enforcer, UK Parking Control Ltd, explaining he was actually in the restaurant for the whole time his car was parked.

Koston said: “I met someone on an online dating site and thought McDonald’s would be the perfect place for a first meet.

“Ninety minutes isn’t a long time when you arrive a bit early, your friend is running late and then you want to relax and not watch the clock,” said Koston.

Soon he received a letter that he owed £155.24 which would increase to £260.24 if not paid within seven days.

Distraught, he contacted McDonald’s customer services who could not offer any help, so decided to get in touch with the local press to warn others.

The Lincolnite contacted McDonald’s, who assured this is not the intention of their parking restrictions.

A McDonald’s spokesperson explained the maximum stay was introduced to ensure there are always spaces for customers with some people leaving their cars at the restaurant for several hours whilst going on shopping trips.

The spokesperson said: “It is never our intention for genuine customers to be charged and we make every effort to communicate the parking arrangements.”

“Customers are welcome to spend as long as they need in our restaurants, but if their stay will exceed the stated maximum parking time, they just need to let us know their registration details so that we can ensure they don’t receive a parking charge.”

McDonald’s overturned Koston’s fine who was delighted with the result.

“You should try and solve your own problems first, but if not, why not get in touch with the local press, I just wanted to warn others but this proves how you can get a different result with a bit of weight behind you,” said Koston.