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Lincoln street ranks fourth in slowest broadband speed

Not spots: A street in Lincoln has the fourth slowest broadband connections in the entire UK, a study has found.

Despite Lincoln having generally good broadband provision, some streets still have poor connections, much like the rest of the county (very slow or no broadband speeds indicated in yellow).

A street in Lincoln has one of the slowest broadband speeds in the country, while Lincolnshire has the slowest broadband overall, a report by has found.

According the the comparison website, Burgley Road has an average broadband speed of just 0.25Mbps, placing it fourth in the top 10 slowest streets in the whole of the UK.

It is beaten to the top spot by a street in another Lincolnshire town, Stamford, where Cromarty Road has speeds of just 0.13Mbps — the slowest in the entire country.

This means it would take those living on the streets just over 25 hours to download a two-hour film, and almost a two hours to download a music album.

In contrast, the fastest street in the UK has broadband speeds of 70.9Mbps.

Lincolnshire is home to three of the slowest streets in the Top 10 in the UK, and the report found the county has the slowest speeds in the entirety of the UK.

uSwitch broadband spokeswoman Julia Stent said: “The massive discrepancy between the fastest and slowest streets in Britain shows what the Government is up against in its fight to drag Britain into the broadband fast-lane.

“Rural parts of Britain in particular are still experiencing broadband speeds so slow that they might as well have no broadband at all.

“But worryingly, the Government’s superfast broadband rollout is heavily geared towards urban areas, which will only widen the rural-urban broadband gap.

“It’s concerning that the main aim isn’t providing a decent broadband service to those areas still lacking basic broadband infrastructure and bringing acceptable average speeds to those in rural areas who have been forever languishing in the slow lane.

“However, most of Britain’s slowest streets for broadband are not in particularly remote areas, but in small towns, nearer to exchanges and where we would expect to see higher download speeds across the board.

“Part of the problem is that Government funding for superfast broadband is being dished out to councils, who don’t necessarily have a full view of the big picture.”

Residents in Lincolnshire would want to get help campaign for faster broadband in their area can sign up to the Onlincolnshire project run by Lincolnshire County Council, which aims to push for better broadband provisions in the county.

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