August 29, 2013 1.24 pm This story is over 127 months old

Tourists bring extra £10m into Lincolnshire economy

Tourism increase: The county has received a higher number of tourists visiting Lincolnshire landmarks in the last year.

New figures indicate that an increase in the number of visitors pouring into Lincolnshire saw the county raise £1,115 billion in tourism revenues.

The figures for 2012, from the Lincolnshire Research Observatory, looked at the amount of tourists visiting the county, and how much they spend.

Data found that 17,419,000 people visited the county, with just over 14 million visiting for the day.

All these visitors spent £1,115 billion during their stay, with £74 million spent on recreation, £190 million on food and drink and £103 million on accommodation.

Lincoln benefitted from £152 million of this spend, but the biggest pull for the county was East Lindsey, making £495 million from tourists.

For Lincoln, this is a 4.8% increase in spends and a 3% increase in visitors on the previous year.

In the county overall, tourism revenues improved by 1% — about £10 million.

Cllr Colin Davie, Executive Member for Economic Development at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “This is very positive news, particularly given last year’s poor weather.

“And with this summer’s prolonged hot spell, I’m sure next year’s figures will be even better.

“With each year, the county has something more to offer visitors, and with exciting improvements happening at Lincoln Castle our tourism economy looks set to grow and grow. And we’ll be working hard to play our part in selling Lincolnshire to the world.”