May 13, 2014 10.27 am This story is over 119 months old

Lincolnshire health system revamp plan praised by expert

Lincolnshire Health and Care: An international expert has praised the county for being at the leading edge of developing plans for a modern health and care system.

An international expert has praised Lincolnshire for being at the leading edge of development for a modern health and care system.

Sir John Oldham, who has helped remodel health systems in the US, Canada and Australia, said the county should be proud of its progress when he spoke at the Care Summit held in Lincoln.

Sir John told the meeting of 250 leading health and care professionals on May 8 that the Lincolnshire Health and Care (LHAC) could be a blueprint for the whole of the UK.

Since its launch in 2013, LHAC has worked with 200 clinicians, patients, front-line health and care staff and senior managers from all over the county to develop new ways of providing safe, quality and sustainable health and care.

A series of ‘care design groups’ have taken place to look at how to provide services in a joined-up way.

Sir John Oldham said: “The current health system is still trying to deal with the separate parts of the person rather than care for them as a whole.

“The world is changing. Whether we like it or not, no change is not an option.

“I have to commend the work you have done in Lincolnshire. I am amazed. It would give me a great deal of confidence if I lived in the county that you are going to tackle these problems.

“I can’t immediately think of another county that could have assembled a group of this size and seniority to tackle this issue.”

When proposals and options have been formed, LHAC will investigate the financial implications of any new structure.

A public consultation on the options will start in September.

Dr Tony Hill, Chair of LHAC, said: “We know we have to provide a modern health and care system that meets the needs of the people of the county and to do that we need to be innovative.

“Our approach has been to challenge every aspect of the way we deliver services to ensure that it puts patients at the centre. We are delighted that an expert with Sir John’s reputation and experience has endorsed the work we have done so far.

“This is an opportunity for our county to be leading the way in providing a system that provides excellent quality health and care in a way that is sustainable for future generations.”