June 8, 2014 2.58 pm This story is over 117 months old

Police search for parrots stolen from Lincoln village

Missing parrots: Lincolnshire Police are looking to trace three parrots stolen from a Lincoln village, one of which has asthma.

Update on June 9: Two of the three parrots have now been found, according to Lincolnshire Police.

The parrots were stolen from an outbuilding in a property on Queensway.

The two recovered parrots were found by two separate people and returned to the owner.

PCSO Melanie Goodwill said: “We are hoping that the third will be recovered before too long. Thank you for all the support and sharing this information because I believe it puts a lot of pressure on the criminals — it makes it harder for them to pass on the ‘goods’.”

Lincolnshire Police are looking to trace three parrots stolen from their home in a Lincoln village.

The incident happened in Saxilby on June 7, some time between 8.30am and 11.20pm.

Three African Grey parrots valued up to £900 were stolen from their home.

The owners are keen to trace the parrots because one has asthma and needs medication.

Apparently all the birds are talkative but one can be quite vicious.

Anyone who may have seen the parrots should contact Lincolnshire Police on 101, quoting incident number 522 of June 7, 2014.