Lincolnshire Police to star in Police Interceptors next week

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Lincolnshire Police have been demonstrating life in the force by featuring in the popular Channel 5 series Police Interceptors – and now they’re back for a second.

Episode one of the seventh series will air on Channel 5 on Monday, July 7 and will delve into life as a county officer as they deal with a drugs raid, a speeding driver, and a ‘steak out’ after a bovine breakout.

Plus, friendships are pushed to the limit after amphetamines are found in a car, vehicle thieves attempt to outpace the interceptors, and an officer receives help from an unexpected source.

After the success of series six, which aired in February 2014, the county was chosen as the setting for the preceding two series.

Series seven was filmed in Lincolnshire by TV production Raw Cut TV earlier this year, with plans to film series eight already underway.

The documentary-style program focusses on Lincolnshire’s Road Policing Unit and the Police Dog Unit, and the new series will follow Lincolnshire’s elite police units to look at how they work in the field during intense operations.