Police warning after vehicle crime spikes in Lincoln and Hykeham

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Police are reminding car owners to remain vigilant after a spike in vehicle crime in Lincoln and North Hykeham.

A number of items such as sat navs, designer sunglasses, electronics and cash have been stolen after vehicles were left unlocked.

Inspector Mark Hillson from Lincolnshire Police said: “A common theme in this recent spike of vehicle crimes is that many people appear to be under the misapprehension that cars with central locking systems will lock themselves if left unattended for a certain length of time.

“This is not the case. Cars will only lock themselves if unlocked by accident and not entered. Several dealerships have been visited to confirm this.

“We are reminding all vehicle owners and motorists to make sure that as soon as they leave their car unoccupied they lock their doors, make sure all windows and sunroofs are shut, and make sure anything of any value is kept out of sight or preferably removed from the vehicle.

“Our current Help Yourself campaign not only includes a message to keep houses and properties secure but cars as well.

“Not only are your vehicles one of the most expensive things you are likely to own but they can contain some of your most valuable possessions. Please keep them secure, as well as your homes.”

In the first 38 hours of the Help Yourself campaign, six burglaries were reported to police.