May 24, 2015 11.02 pm This story is over 108 months old

Police shut down illegal rave at Twyford Woods in Lincolnshire

21 police officers injured: Lincolnshire Police arrested 28 people and shut down an illegal rave at Twyford Woods off the A1.

Lincolnshire Police arrested 28 people and shut down an illegal rave at Twyford Woods off the A1 which started on Saturday evening, May 23.

The force confirmed that on Sunday evening, May 24, they carried out an operation between 7.30pm and 9.15pm to bring the illegal rave safely to an end.

In a statement, Lincolnshire Police said: “The decision to do this was made for the safety of the public, both those still at the event and its proximity to the A1, and the safety of those using that road.”

No one was injured during the operation, police said. A number of vehicles have been seized along with sound amplification equipment and generators.

Officers attacked by crowd

At its height the illegal rave saw an estimated 1,000 revellers attending on Saturday night, May 23.

When Lincolnshire Police attended at 11pm on Saturday, some 200 people attacked officers with bottles and other objects.

Two police officers and a police dog were hit by the missiles from the crowd and suffered minor injures.

Another police officer was struck by a car he was trying to prevent from entering the grounds of the illegal rave.

He suffered serious injuries, but they are not life threatening. All three were taken to hospital for treatment and have since been released.

A further 18 officers and a police dog were injured by the missiles from the crowd and were treated at the scene by paramedics.

Raving day and night

With help from neighbouring forces, Lincolnshire Police began turning around large numbers of people who were still arriving on the A1 for the illegal rave on Saturday night.

A section of the road was closed throughout the night and following day as they worked to remove people from the rave site in the woods.

By midday on Sunday, May 24, some 500 people were still at the illegal rave at Twyford Woods. By 4pm, an estimated 200 revellers remained. At 10pm, police said the whole area was cleared.

28 people arrested

A total of 28 people have been arrested throughout the day. A man and three young women from Norfolk (aged 18, 20 and 21) were arrested and released earlier on Sunday.

By 4pm on Sunday, police arrested a further 12 people for various offences relating to the illegal rave, and by 10pm they made another 12 arrests.

Public safety a priority

Lincolnshire Police added in a statement: “This bank holiday we have policed one planned major event, the Super Rally at the Lincolnshire Showground which has continued without incident.

“We have not had to provide policing for a legally arranged Rave at Swinderby. These events were planned and subject to scrutiny by the Safety Advisory Group to ensure all measures for public safety were taken.

“Our priority is public safety. This event at Twyford Woods was unsafe and put those attending at risk.

“We will be carrying out a full investigation and prosecuting anyone we believe has broken the law.”

The force added: “We would like to apologise to motorists on the A1 during Sunday evening who were inconvenienced by the decision to close the road during our operation.

“We felt it necessary because of our concerns for public safety and the proximity of the illegal event to the A1 and people attempting to return to cars left on the verges of the carriageway.”