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Rewind: Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner results

Catch up with the coverage from the Lincoln Drill Hall as Conservative Marc Jones became Lincolnshire’s new Police and Crime Commissioner.

Catch up with the coverage from the Lincoln Drill Hall as Conservative Marc Jones became Lincolnshire’s new Police and Crime Commissioner.

  • Marc Jones (Conservative) defeated Victoria Ayling (UKIP) on second preference votes
  • Lucinda Preston (Labour) and Daniel Simpson (Lincolnshire Independents) were knocked out after the first round
  • Jones will succeed Alan Hardwick as Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner
  • Hardwick became the county’s first ever PCC when he was elected in 2012
  • Turnout across Lincolnshire was 21.2%, an increase on 15.1% in 2012

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6th May 2016 10:20am

Good morning everyone – hope you are all wide awake after a long night following the city council results. I’m Stefan Pidluznyj and I’ll be providing you with updates throughout the day as votes are counted for the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner elections. I’ll be joined once again by Steve Smailes.

6th May 2016 10:36am

The view inside the Drill Hall. Some tired faces, a lot of chatting, but not much counting at the moment.


6th May 2016 10:39am

Turnout across Lincolnshire for the election was 21.2%, an increase on 2012 which was 15.1%.

In total, 114,776 residents in Lincolnshire cast their votes.

The turnout in Lincoln was slightly higher at 29.9%, mainly due to the fact that people also voted in the city council election.

6th May 2016 10:45am

Counting the first preference votes has now begun.

6th May 2016 10:49am

Just spoken to Conservative candidate Marc Jones who has joked that he has had a “full 11 hours of sleep”. That is over the last three days, however.

Jones, a Lincolnshire county councillor, has said that he is not completely confident about the election, mainly due to the way in which second preferences are counted.

6th May 2016 10:58am

How the count works

Counting first preferences takes place across various locations, including Lincoln.

Results are emailed in from around the county. 

If a candidate has won more than 50% of first preferences they are elected.

If no candidate has won more than 50%, all but the top two candidates are then eliminated.

Any second preferences for the top two candidates from the eliminated candidates are added to the two remaining candidates’ totals.

The person with the most votes overall is then declared the winner.

6th May 2016 11:17am

UKIP’s Victoria Ayling has arrived at the count.

6th May 2016 11:19am

As has Labour’s Lucinda Preston.

6th May 2016 11:22am

The fourth candidate, Daniel Simpson from the Lincolnshire Independents, has not arrived at the count yet.

6th May 2016 11:44am

While there’s a bit of a lull in the action, catch up with the results from the City of Lincoln Council elections.

In short, not a lot has changed as despite predictions from some, Labour kept control of the council, with the exact same number of councillors as before.

6th May 2016 12:01pm

The final candidate, Daniel Simpson, has now arrived. All four candidates are now checking the “doubtful” votes, where people have not made it clear which box they have crossed. This has been going on for the last 20 minutes at least, so there must be quite a few of them.

6th May 2016 12:10pm

All four candidates took part in an exclusive five-question interview for The Lincolnite last week, allowing you the voters to compare their views on a number of key topics.

Read the Big Five Questions feature here

6th May 2016 12:35pm

Results across the country

As we’re still waiting for votes to be counted in Lincolnshire, let’s take a bit of a look at some of the results from the rest of the UK:


A mixed night for Labour who held onto 734 councillors, gained 40 but lost 48. Jeremy Corbyn has said that he and the party “hung on”.

The Conservatives have made 46 gains and 33 losses so far, while the Lib Dems have had a better night than in recent memory, making 29 gains and only 20 losses.


The largest party once again by a large distance was the Scottish National Party. However, they have failed to get enough votes for an absolute majority in the Scottish Parliament.

It was a bad night for Labour north of the border, being bumped into third place by the Conservatives.


Labour is set to win 29 seats, a loss of one and two short of an overall majority. 

6th May 2016 12:49pm

The candidates have been called for a provisional check of the votes…for Lincoln only

6th May 2016 12:55pm

First preference votes are almost ready to be announced for Lincoln and Lincolnshire

6th May 2016 12:56pm


  • Marc Jones – 5,424
  • Victoria Ayling – 3,087
  • Lucinda Preston – 7,914
  • Daniel Simpson – 1,843

6th May 2016 12:57pm

Lincolnshire-wide first preferences to be announced by the Returning Officer in around five minutes.

6th May 2016 1:02pm


  • Victoria Ayling – 28,583
  • Marc Jones – 39,441
  • Lucinda Preston – 25,475
  • Daniel Simpson – 18,497

6th May 2016 1:03pm

That means that Lucinda and Daniel have been knocked out. Their second preferences will now be added to Marc and Victoria’s.

6th May 2016 1:25pm

Lucinda thanks her supporters after she is knocked out of the final to be the next Lincolnshire PCC

6th May 2016 1:31pm

Here is the result overview so far after the first preference votes

6th May 2016 1:32pm

And here are the frontrunners for the results after the first round – Marc or Victoria will be the next PCC

6th May 2016 1:44pm

As last night, the counters are wearing all-black to denote their apolitical stance. This is a first for Lincolnshire.

6th May 2016 1:47pm

Some interested observers.

6th May 2016 1:50pm

Nervous moments for Marc Jones, who leads by almost 11,000 after the first preference votes.

6th May 2016 2:00pm

Chief Constable Neil Rhodes in conversation with Lincoln MP Karl McCartney

6th May 2016 2:25pm

It may be far too late to vote now, but you can still hear what our new PCC (whoever he or she will be) had to say on a wide range of issues at a debate hosted by The Lincolnite and BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

Watch the full debate here:

Catch up with what the candidates had to say:

And hear what the audience made of it all:

6th May 2016 2:35pm

The work of those counting the votes in Lincoln appears to be done after a mammoth session yesterday evening and another long shift today. No indication yet when the results will be announced.

6th May 2016 2:51pm

6th May 2016 2:52pm

The results of the second count at West Lindsey for the Police Crime Commissioner election are: Victoria Carolyn Ayling (UKIP) 1009, Marc Stuart Jones, The Conservative Party, 1182 votes. The number of rejected voted in the second count 1017.

6th May 2016 2:55pm

Lucinda Preston tells The Lincolnite that although she is “disappointed” she didn’t win the vote, she is happy with how Labour performed in Lincoln.

6th May 2016 2:56pm

Lincoln second preference results

  • Marc Jones – 1,282
  • Victoria Ayling – 1,397

2,944 rejected ballots.

These are added to the first preference results.

These are not the countywide results.

6th May 2016 2:59pm

Full results in about 10 minutes. Not long to wait.

6th May 2016 3:06pm

Full results

Marc Jones – 48,033 – WINNER

Victoria Ayling – 37,420

Marc Jones has been elected as Lincolnshire’s new Police and Crime Commissioner.

6th May 2016 3:07pm

“I want to thank everyone who has taken part in this election”, says new PCC, Marc Jones.

6th May 2016 3:13pm

Lincolnshire’s new PCC Marc Jones won by 10,613 votes.

6th May 2016 3:14pm

The full results

6th May 2016 3:14pm

County council leader congratulates Marc on his victory

6th May 2016 3:41pm

We spoke with Victoria about the results tonight. She came in second

6th May 2016 4:21pm

The moment Marc Jones became Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner

6th May 2016 4:31pm

Watch what the new Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones had to say, minutes after his election victory was confirmed.

6th May 2016 4:33pm

Thank you for joining us today and overnight. If you haven’t quite had your election fix yet, don’t worry… there’s the EU referendum next month!