Rewind: Guy Martin world record attempt trial in Lincoln

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Crowds have gathered around Brayford Wharf in Lincoln to cheer on TV adrenaline junkie Guy Martin, as he prepares for a new world record attempt.

Lincolnshire’s own famous daredevil will take to the River Witham on a specially made hydrofoil, which is a boat which has its hull out of the water for greater speed.

Guy will be rehearsing the record attempt throughout the afternoon of Wednesday, July 27, zooming through the centre of the city.

The official attempt will be made on the Brayford on Thursday, July 28, and will be filmed by Channel 4 crews for his new series Speed with Guy Martin.

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27th July 2016 11:53am

Here is a quick catch-up with the latest updates from our reporters on the Brayford:

27th July 2016 11:58am

The excitement is building on the Brayford as fans of the Lincolnshire adrenaline junkie look out for action. 

27th July 2016 12:01pm

27th July 2016 12:01pm

Here is Guy Martin when he arrived in Lincoln earlier this morning

27th July 2016 12:03pm

Setting up the course: They’re organising the buoys in the water

27th July 2016 12:12pm

People lining up on the Brayford in anticipation of Guy Martin’s record attempt practice

27th July 2016 12:29pm

Sneak peek at Guy Martin’s hydrofoil snapped by reader Kay Hayden

27th July 2016 12:33pm

University bridge also packed with people hoping to see Guy Martin’s attempt practice

27th July 2016 12:33pm

27th July 2016 12:34pm

Guy’s getting on his hydrofoil now

27th July 2016 12:35pm

Here is Guy all geared up for the practice run

27th July 2016 12:37pm

Here is a closer look at Guy’s hydrofoil developed with the University of Lincoln and a host of local companies.

It pays to have the long zoom lens – out photographer on the Hilton bar terrace

27th July 2016 12:38pm

Helmet on! Almost ready to go! 

27th July 2016 12:42pm

“Every time I’ve seen Guy today he’s had a brew in his hand,” says our reporter on the scene today.

27th July 2016 12:47pm

Guy’s on the hydrofoil now – we’ll be livestreaming on our Facebook page when it’s on!

27th July 2016 12:54pm

Guy is in the water

27th July 2016 12:57pm

Here is Guy having a go on his hydrofoil

27th July 2016 1:01pm

Smile for the cameras, Guy, and don’t forget to wave at your fans

27th July 2016 1:06pm

He’s having a second practice now and we’re live on our Facebook page

27th July 2016 1:09pm

From the first practice run

27th July 2016 1:10pm

And the second go at the hydrofoil on the Brayford

27th July 2016 1:11pm

Oh, Guy!

27th July 2016 1:13pm

Close-ups of Guy’s second practice on the hydrofoil

27th July 2016 1:14pm

Looks like there is another contraption Guy will be testing

27th July 2016 1:24pm

Some more angles of Guy’s practice this lunch time 

27th July 2016 1:33pm

Another contraption you can check out on the Brayford

27th July 2016 1:38pm

Still plenty of people on the Brayford watching out for Guy Martin

27th July 2016 1:43pm

This duck is currently awaiting to race Guy Martin on his hydrofoil 

27th July 2016 1:48pm

A closer look at Guy’s second hydrofoil

27th July 2016 1:58pm

Guy Martin is having his lunch break now so he should be back in about an hour.